This wonderful WBFS Manager can avoid the risk of losing Nintendo Wii Games. Once you own this, all your great games will be safe forever until you delete it by yourself.

All the problems in the games in the Nintendo Switches will be easy to solve thanks to this software. It can create the backups for you and that is also the main purpose they decided to create this one.

WBFS Manager
WBFS Manager

Backups of your Wii games

It is the file system of the console which is not different from the NTFS used by the hard drives in Windows. The requirements for the players are simple. You will just need to format the storage that you are going to use in this system. After the installation process of this software has been done, you can use it immediately. Although this is not the official product from Nintendo, it works like Nintendo really created that.

Main features of this WBFS Manager For PC

WBFS Manager
WBFS Manager
  • This WBFS Manager owns the list of some games that have some basic information about codes, file sizes, and titles.
  • It has the drag and drops function as well.
  • It is easy to find out the batch procedure of ISO photos.
  • The users will have the capacity to use as many folders as you want for covers.
  • It allows the users to input for Homebrew Channel.
  • It gives users permission to export the lists to CSV documents.

Wrap up

In line with the concern of saving all the Wii games, this WBFS Manager becomes the best tool to solve that problem since the day it appeared for the first time. It will avoid the consequence of accidental data losses for your computer thanks to the best system manager ever.

License: FREE
Release: Unknown

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