You can play videos in this yuzu. It is the emulator of the Nintendo Switch video console which was created by the creators of Citra. With this one, you can play video games on your PC.


The switch is the console of the eighth generation of the Nintendo and it contains the difference in PlayStation and Xbox. It is like a combination of portable and desktop versions of the video console. It provides a completely different experience for all players to play the game in their own way though it is not the factor to compete with Microsoft and Sony computers.

It is called ‘The Nintendo Switch emulator for PC’ so it allows all gamers to play games on desktop or TV screens. This yuzu was created and developed by the same talented people standing behind Citra on both Android and Windows.

They are still working to develop it so sometimes, some games will not run flawlessly. Nevertheless, it will receive and fix the errors on this one. You are still free to play some Switch versions of the games like Doom, Zelda, Mario, Pokémon, and so on.


Wrap up

When you decide to download this yuzu, you should remember to connect the gamepads to your computer. As a result, it can enhance your gaming experience.

License: FREE
Release: January 14, 2018

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