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As an entertaining and enjoyable action roleplaying game developed by Capcom, the Monster Hunter series has received a lot of praise for the gameplay elements and challenging levels. Including five generations of internationally-released Monster Hunter Games and countless spin-offs.

The latest addition to the franchise, Monster Hunter: World Iceborne, features many exclusive changes and a story campaign based after the events of Monster Hunter: World.

Including a significant amount of brand-new quest tiers, monsters, and much more, it’s expected to release on September 6th, 2019.

With a new location called the Hoarfrost Reach, it’s designed to be the biggest region so far and is fully explorable. Also, for those who want to master the art of monster hunting, a new Master Rank is up for grabs.

This article will give you all the information you need to know about Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and discuss the new faces of monsters you can expect to meet. Happy hunting!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne newest monsters


Famous for its ear-piercing shrieks and incredible speed, the Tigrex is an aggressive predator that repeatedly uses its sharp teeth and claws to attack.

When coming too close to a Tigrex, its deafening sound will hurt nearby hunters, so always keep your distance. The best weapon choice would be the Great Sword or the Hammer as they provide great damages


Shrieking Legiana

This Flying Wyvern is a new adaptation of the Legiana, living in the land of Hoarfrost Reach. Living in a frosty environment, it has the ability to coat itself in layers of ice as a defense mechanism and emits intense chills from its tail.

To efficiently fight the Shrieking Legiana, bring Thunder or Fire weapons to get the most damage. Additionally, since most of the attacks come from the tail, cutting off the icy tail will make your battling experience easier.


As a returning fan favorite, the Nargacuga appears in the Ancient Forest. With a massive tail and black scales, it has razor-sharp wings and hooked claws used to slash and whi


The sly monster stalks from the shadows with its red glowing eyes before pouncing to attack. Able to perform long jumps, when enraged, the tails will grow sp


If you want to defeat the Nargacuga successfully, bring Thunder or Fire element weapo



As a brutish monster with giant antlers, it charges at anything that stands in its way. By using its antlers to pluck trees and form snow boulders, it can send blocks or trees hurling towards you. It’s big and bulky body shape makes charge attacks challenging to dodge and creates substantial damages.

Don’t underestimate the Bandaro and always dive or block the charge of the Brute Wyvern to avoid f



It is known to be one of the colossal monsters in the frozen Hoarfrost Reach. Staying hidden from the view, the Piscine Wyvern submerges itself deep in thick layers of snow before popping out to ambush you. With a sharp pin located on its head to increase speed and agility, the Beotodus speeds around the snow and creates fast takedowns.

The trick to defeating this monster is to lure it out from deep under by using Sonic Bombs to reduce the time it spends lurkin



This cat-like monster is considered as the King of Hoarfrost Reach. With enormous penetrating fangs to attack and claws to speedily run through the dense snow, it can move and attack quickly.

Capable of spitting icy balls to create tornadoes and taking you by surprise, fighting this aggressive Flying Wyvern takes rapid reactions and dexterity. The Barioth isn’t one to take lightly.

To have any chance of beating this new monster, you must know when to attack and when to dodge. Timeliness is key



Deemed as the mighty Elder Dragon and the main foe of the new expansion pack, this ancient creature uses ice to attack its enemies and controls the cold. The developers, Capcom, has kept its powers a mystery. Without much information revealed, we can expect the Velkhana to be a challenging monster to fight due to its Elder Dragon title.

Fulgur Anjanath

With the appearance of a tyrannosaurus, it’s the first subspecies in the expansion pack. Using its powerful jaws, the Fulgur Anjanath can pin you down. With the main form attack being the element of lightning, it can generate powerful lightning bites along with other lightning-based attacks


The Fulgur Anjanath stores electricity to use as combination attacks, so for hunters who want to take on this Brute Wyvern, we suggest you find a way to reduce the electrical charges.

Ebony Odogaron

As a tricky to handle monster, the Ebony Odogaron is a deadly creature with extreme accuracy, sharp serrated claws, and a muscular jaw. Being able to bite its opponent and attack using its claws and tail, upon impact with the dragon, you’ll also lose your elemental power on your weapon. It inflicts Dragonblight into the atmosphere, a type of smoke generated from the mouth which causes damage.


As a stand-alone package or downloadable content, Monster Hunter: World Iceborne is a perfect fit for those who enjoy exploration, third-person perspective games, and monster hunting. With the brand new addition of hunter actions, weapon combos, and dynamic difficulty, the anticipation for this expansion pack is real.

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