Pokemon Go Team Rocket: Stops, battles, purified, shadow, and more explained

Pokemon Go

As a game dedicated to Pokemon fans to explore the virtual world of Pokemon, it has gained a significant fanbase ever since the release in 2016. Developed by Niantic Labs and published by Nintendo, it’s considered as an augmented reality game and is free to download on mobile devices.

Through the smart use of GPS location, it allows you to experience Pokemon in real life by capturing different Pokemons through a radar. Players can win, train, and battle Pokemon around their real-world destination.

While the game’s level of success continuously increases, a new feature has joined the Pokemon Go game, known as Team Rockets. As part of the evil team, they’ve taken over the PokeStops with shadow Pokemons. Assigned with the task of rescuing Pokemons and restoring PokeStops, you get to battle against Team GO Rocket Grunts.

This article will give you the necessary in-depth insights regarding the new Pokemon update along with details about stops, battles, purifying, shadow, and more


How to find Team Rocket in Pokemon Go?

The first thing you need to achieve is a Level 8 Trainer and above before being able to find any Team Rockets in your game.

Team GO Rocket Grunts only appear in invaded PokeStops. You can quickly tell by the discoloration or relatively grey color or by the irregular twitching of the cube. If you can’t find yourself a Team Rocket when visiting the invaded PokeStops, you shouldn’t panic. They’re especially rare. Team Rockets will only stay for 30 minutes at a time, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for any raided PokeStops.

To increase your chances of finding a Team Rocket, try to search for special PokeStops in crowded or popular areas.

So far, there are a handful of Shadow Pokemons that you can catch, including Bulbasaur, Dratini, Mudkip, Squirtle and more. Don’t be alarmed. There are many more coming your way, exclusively from the first generation.

How do Team Rocket battles work?

If you’re lucky enough to find a Team Go Rocket in an invaded PokeStop, you can approach them and challenge the Grunt for a match by tapping them in a Trainer Battle.

Similar to regular Trainer Battles, the Team Go Rocket Grunt assigns a Pokemon type for you to fight. If you manage to defeat them, you’ll get rewarded with 500 Stardust, along with the opportunity to capture their Shadow Pokemon.

What are Shadow Pokemons Go ?

Shadow Pokemons are like contaminated versions of the regular Pokemon, covered with a dark shadow, purple aura, and red eyes.

When successfully finding a Team Rocket grunt at a PokeStop, you’ll get a chance to battle one-on-one. If you defeat them, you can capture their Shadow Pokemon. You get a limited amount of Premier Balls to catch it.

However, they contain a relatively low CP level and cost more to power up. You can solve this problem by purifying them.

Purifying Shadow Pokemons Go

Once you’ve managed to capture a Shadow Pokemon, you can choose to leave it in a Shadow state or purify it in addition to power up and evolving.

It’ll cost you 2,000 stardust and two candies to complete the process, and you can purify by clicking onto the Pokemon Go interface. A confirmation message will pop-up, asking you if you want to purify your Pokemon.

Despite costing stardust, there’s a number of benefits that make the process rewarding. After purification, it’ll cost 10% less to power up and to teach your Pokemon moves. Additionally, your Pokemon automatically become a level 25, earning a significant amount of CP and HP. On top of that, two IVs get added to their attack, defense, and stamina.

When you’ve completed the purification process, a blue star will appear next to your Pokemon in your Pokemon storage.

The more Shadow Pokemons you purify, the quicker you can level up your Purifier medal. There are three badges for each, Hero and Purifier. You can gain a Hero badge by defeating Team Go Rocket Grunts. You earn one after defeating 10, 100 and 1,000. Similarly, you receive a Purifier badge after purifying 5, 50 and 500 Shadow Pokemon.


Being one of the most popular mobile games with over 1 million downloads worldwide, Pokemon Go is yet another flourishing product that the Pokemon franchise has released. With a lot of features to explore and Pokemons to catch, the additional Team Go Rocket feature brings a whole other level of entertainment.

We hope this article prepares you for the newest update now that you have all the essential information about the Team Go Rocket.

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Pokemon Go Team Rocket: Stops, battles, purified, shadow, and more explained

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