The ultimate guide on how to obtain the BTSU Data Gloves in Division 2

Division 2 BTSU

Right after the release of Division 2 in March 2019, players around the world have started their hunt for some of the rarest items – guns, equipment, clothing. You name them.

With the highest item tier being Exotic, players are already on the hunt to look for the latest Exotic BTSU Datagloves that have just been released in the game. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at the Exotic BTSU Datagloves, their stats, talents, and how to obtain them!

What are BTSU Data gloves?

The unique thing about Exotic items is that each of them carries a story.

Designed by the Black Tusk Special Unit (BTSU), a significant enemy faction that appears at the endgame, these gloves hold more than you think.

With these Data Gloves, you can gain an edge over your enemies in combat by infusing the data of chosen status effect along with your provided set of skills.

The nature of the Data gloves makes them more useful the more focused you are on a skillset. So, before thinking about farming for these Exotic gloves, you should already have a specific skill build.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at how the BTSU Data Gloves can significantly enhance your skills!

  • The first one is Elemental Gadgetry, which makes skills with status effect gain a 50% effect duration and skill haste.
  • The second skill is Energy Infusion, which means when a status effect is utilized, the gloves get infused for 60 seconds, allowing you to have increased damage, healing, and repair.
  • The final skill is Charged Proxies, which gives you the power to affect enemies with your infused status effect when with a radius of 6 meters.
  • Affected enemies result in 50% damage or more.

As you can see, BTSU Data Gloves are very skill-oriented. Unlike guns, these exotic gloves require you to have a set of skills before being able to utilize them to the fullest potential.

Due to the complex nature of the gloves, some players might find it to be not worthwhile as the gloves are only useful if you have advanced skills.

However, if you are someone who is a master or on your way to becoming one, the BTSU Data Gloves are definitely made for you. Next, we’re going to discuss how you can obtain them


Where and how to get the gloves?

When initially released, only a few people have reported having obtained them. However, as the number of people who have claimed this Exotic piece increases, it’s safe to say that we know where to get them – Camp White Oak.

What you would need to do is play the Camp White Oak story mission, on any difficulty level. During the process of playing, you will have a chance to obtain the item by either killing the final boss, Galveston. Or, if luck is on your side, the gloves will be dropped by a common mob!

However, if you do not have a season pass to play the Camp White Oak mission story, do not worry. You still have a chance to get the Datagloves by killing the final boss in the Invasion Heroic Mission.

Unlike the Camp White Oak method, getting the gloves by playing the Invasion Heroic Mission is deemed to be more difficult. With the calculated drop rate at 25%, it’s significantly lower than that at Camp White Oak.


Aside from the powerful perks, the glove is a valuable asset to have. With the additional alluring design, once equipped, they create a bright blue aura that is sure to let everyone in your team knows who the real badass is!

So, what are you waiting for?

With this complete guide that includes all the information you need to know about the gloves and how to get them, we hope you’ll be able to get your hands on one. Prepare yourself with the best skill build and claim the Exotic BTSU Data Gloves!

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The ultimate guide on how to obtain the BTSU Data Gloves in Division 2

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