Amid Evil: Hordes of Evil Gameplay that keeps you awake

Amid Evil is a shooting game developed by New Zealand Indefatigable studio. This is a video game played at the first perspective and released by New Blood Interactive.

With action style and retro-inspired visual elements, in addition to the dark sensations of the game, made Amid Evil a regular description as a spiritual successor to Heretic in 1994.

Amid Evil: Hordes of Evil Overview

The classic gun fighting games are no stranger to gamers. Because of this, New Blood Interactive has tried to create Amid Evil with a modern and youthful style of play to suit today’s young people.

With beautiful graphics, especially played on popular platforms such as PC, PlayStation 4, … Therefore, Amid Evil hopes to make a big sound in the market of modern role-playing games.

Amid Evil Plot

A mysterious and powerful “evil force” has appeared in the distant past and spoiled the sacred lands of ancient empires. Among all the heroes who fought to try to defeat the Evil Force, no one succeeded.

The main character, also known as the “champion”, is the first to try with all efforts to overcome the Black Labyrinth and is entitled to carry the holy battle-ax. “Champion” possesses the ability to go through higher planes thanks to strong achievements. When he went to a multi-dimensional gateway, ancient gods warned him of the power of evil forces and urged him to clean up this sacred land.

Amid Evil Gameplay

Based on the context of the demons are inspired by many shooters in the first view of the 90s like Unreal, Doom, Heretic, and Quake. The Amid Evil is similar to shooting games in the first-person view of that era, but Amid Evil is at a level that is more complex and more intriguing by targets that require players to spread. The past is to find the key to unlock the door, not merely a gun battle.

How to design the level of play in Amid Evil motivates the player to get new discoveries, each level to another level opens the player with some secrets hidden behind the game screen.

For example, players will find a truth carved on a wall or floor. In the game, the levels are grouped by developers, with different levels in each set presented in a unique way. The episodes consist of 4 levels in each level, the end of the level is a boss fight. Players can freely choose the level they want to play by going through different gates.

Just like in Heretic, using magic weapons to fight enemies. There are six types of ranged weapons in the game, each using 4 types of mana, and of course except Ax of the Black Labyrinth.

In the game, players must find both weapons and mana types. all of them have different uses against the enemy, so we recommend customizing their usage to be effective with each type of enemy.

Besides picking up mana, the player can also absorb the souls of the dead. When you have collected enough souls, go to Soul Mode to activate fire to use in place of weapons, and you can increase your power significantly for a period of time



Leon Zawada and Simon Rance were childhood friends, and they began developing Amid Evil as a Doom mod in 1997. Although the game was not completed at the time, the concepts were.

The concept they developed for it has evolved over time and become new. They determined that they would create a fantasy shooting game – a game with long-range weapons as main weapons.

Developers have added a shooting formula from a first-person perspective to a retro style to refresh a 90s game for modern audiences. All objects become more active.

Instead of being in a position to wait for an enemy to arrive, you can now search for the enemy and vice versa, the enemy can attack you at any time. The enemy also has improved abilities such as evading or reflecting against the attack.


The Evil Amid has been improved more than the unreleased version in 1997 to help players eliminate boredom and familiarity compared to other gunfighting games.

This is a new version, there are still many shortcomings, so we encourage the player’s experience to bring feedback for further updates. What are you waiting for without joining right now? Good luck!

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Amid Evil: Hordes of Evil Gameplay that keeps you awake

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