Battlefield 1 – The reverse side of the War

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The serialization of war-based shooter games has signaled the game makers’ race for this topic. Call of Duty, WWII, … makes players immersed in the world of guns, tanks and machines.

And Battlefield 1 of EA is not out of that trend. With the unsuccessful launch of Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield 1 was judged by experts as a big push to pull back the reputation for EA game company.


Battlefield 1 – The reverse side of the War

Battlefield 1 is a first-perspective shooting game developed by EA DICE and released by Electronic Arts. As the 15th part of the Battlefield series, the PS4 version was officially released on October 21, 2016.
Not bringing players into the future world or exploiting World War II like the previous predecessors, Battlefield 1 has a dark, heavy tone to reflect the cruelty of World War I. Weapons that seem to have disappeared in modern warfare is a very bold path of EA.

The brutal and fierce atmosphere of the battle will be transmitted directly in Battlefield 1. Players will be directly pierced into the soldiers’ shoes in each specific campaign.
A British soldier takes control of the MK V Tank, protecting the last round of the British army against the attack of the Germans.

Or Luca Vincenzo Cocchiola, an Italian soldier, risks his life to protect his twin brother from bombers and fire-fighters. EA calls it War Stories. “”The Runner””, “”Through Mud and Blood””, “”Friend In High Places”” … those war stories represent hundreds and thousands of meaningful stories about anonymous soldiers during World War I.

The happiness, pain, tears, hatred … all those feelings are waiting for you in Battlefield 1.


Battlefield 1 is built with 2 modes of play: single mode (with the storyline) and multiplayer mode.
In the single mode, players will go through 5 major campaigns with nearly 20 levels. The player can control many characters in each campaign. If the player dies in the opening, they will control a different soldier with another role instead of resurrecting at a save point. You will be able to experience a variety of weapons systems from guns, melee weapons to giant war vehicles. Remember in Battlefield 1, killing enemies is the only way for you to survive!

The multiplayer mode is an interesting point of Battlefield 1. Up to 64 players will participate in an online match. Maps of this mode based on real-world locations, including Arabia, the Western Front and the Alps.
With 6 modes (Conquest, Domination, Operation, Rush, Team Deathmatch, and War Pigeons), Battlefield 1 ensures players can unleash the game experience.

The player will have to calculate which character class selection in each battle. Assault, Medic, Plot, Tanker … who will you be in these character classes?

Another remarkable point is that EA has been very focused on ensuring balance in each battle. The manufacturer has focused on redesigning the vehicle system so that there are no excessively powerful vehicles such as anti-aircraft vehicles in Battlefield 4.

The interaction between weapons and vehicles is also clearly shown in Battlefield 1. You can only use effective weapons when coordinating with your teammates, having good attack and defense strategies or exploiting the weaknesses of your opponent’s weapons.


Battlefield 1 carries the best sound and graphics system. The true and fierce image of the war is subtly combined with chamber-sounding music by two talented composers Patrik Andrén and Johan Söderqvist.

The plot is deep and touching so that at the end of the war players will recognize the nonsense of war.


Battlefield 1 gives players a new experience of the biggest battle in human history, World War I also conceals fans’ confidence in the series that has been criticized for years by consecutive poor quality “”instant noodles””. Whether you are new to the game series or an “”old village””, Battlefield 1 will satisfy your “”thirst”” for action, worthy of one of the best shooter games of 2016.

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