Bloodborne Review – The journey of blood and madness

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For those who own a PS4 game, this is a must-play game; even if you are not used to horror games of FromSoftware you should have a crack at Bloodblade once. It is truly one of the best PS4 exclusive games.

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Official poster of Bloodborne

Bloodborne  Overview

Bloodborne that is an action RPG from well-known Japanese developer FromSoftware, also makers of the Dark Soul series. This game is made exclusively for the PlayStation 4 system. It was launched in March 2015.

From a third-person perspective, players control a protagonist. FromSoftware develops the gameplay based on weapons combat and exploration. Players encounter and fight various enemies by using items like swords and firearms in their journey. Besides, players explore the game’s different places, connecting to non-player characters, gather essential kinds of items related to the story, and discovering the world’s mysteries.

Bloodborne receives many compliments for its gameplay, especially high level of difficulty, atmospheric environment, sound design, and storyline.


Bloodborne is set in the gothic Victorian city of the Yarnham. This game retained its original storytelling style, which was very vague, using very few cut-scenes and very few NPC voices. If you want to understand the plot in more depth, the only way is to fumble in the description of items, weapons, string them, and try to visualize an overall picture.

Bloodborne-setting in the gothic Victorian city of the Yarnham

Bloodborne tells a story involving a transcendent species, a species that has been forgotten, a terrible curse, and above all, the ambition of surpassing of human beings.

There are some concepts players need to understand, including the Great Ones, Pthumerians, and Old Blood.

Great Ones are regarded as Bloodborne’s supreme in the universe with great strength, knowledge, and mastering. In the game, we encounter the Great Ones, including Moon Presence, Amygdala, Kos, Mergo, Ebrietas, Daughter of Cosmos.

Great Ones-Kos
Great Ones-Kos

 The Pthumeru – a race that is now almost gone, the ruins of Pthumeru civilization deep beneath the city of Yharnam, are the Chalice Dungeons we discover.

Bloodborne - Pthumerian Descendant
Bloodborne – Pthumerian Descendant

Old Blood, a terrible curse, brings disease to Yharnam, also is the cause of endless and bloody hunting nights.

Bloodborne Gameplay Review

The gameplay of the game is a big step up from the Souls series. If in Souls, the shield helps the player to survive whenever he is attacked, replacing the shield with a gun to turn Bloodborne into a large “carnage party.” Between the monsters and the players, whichever hit faster, and more accurately, the party win. There is no delay, without a second of thought.

Bloodborne best gun
Bloodborne best gun

The game has a combination of action and role-playing elements. Players can use their points to increase character stats and invest in purchasing different types of useful items. However, to survive in a bloody world like Bloodborne’s, a prerequisite is the player’s skill.

A unique thing in the Bloodblade is that even when you’re playing alone, you can summon other players into your world to help with boss battles.

Final thoughts

Bloodborne is one masterpiece of the RPGs genre on the PS4 platform. If compared to the great works of previous generations, it is not inferior. What more reason does it take for a PS4 owner not to grab Bloodborne?


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