Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human – A puzzle from the future world

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The appearance of machines has long been no longer strange in the modern game world. But only when David Cage with the producer Quantic Dream inspired his product from the conflict between humans and robots in the future world. A bold direction promises to produce an impressive product and worth the wait. Come to Detroit: Become Human to experience the feeling of being a robot with the perfect design in the future world.

Detroit: Become Human
Detroit: Become Human

Plot Detroit: Become Human is an adventure-style game that combines puzzles with a third-perspective, developed by Quantic Dream and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The exclusive version for PS4 was officially released on May 25, 2018 and is considered the top game of this genre. Detroit: Become Human’s background is located in Detroit, Michigan in 2038. This is the time when people have achieved great strides in robotics technology. The robots are almost human-like with full of emotional states and are present in all activities of social life. They are called Androids. Detroit: Become Human began when more than 50 million Androids were produced, all of which came from CyberLife, which was the time when conflicts between artificial intelligence and humans began. CyberLife gave its robots too many emotions, Androids began to doubt their existence and stood up against their owners. Detroit: Become Human’s story revolves around three different main characters

● Connor – a unique robot created to investigate Android-related cases

● Kara – a helper in the journey to protect a girl’s safety

● Markus – a butler for an old painter and eventually become a leader to lead the outcast Android to freedom These three content lines seem to stand independently when they are not related to each other in the first place, but that is the peak in the scenario that David Cage has built.


Connor, Kara and Markus somehow connect closely. This makes the secret of the game is pushed up high and players will have to pop up excited. Each Android’s story is built into 2 to 3 chapters. Exploring each chapter is a way for players to explore the true face behind these Androids. And remember that the fate of Connor, Kara and Markus is your own.

Join David Cage and Quantic Dream to create your Detroit: Become Human!

Gameplay Detroit: Become Human

a combination of adventure and puzzle
A combination of adventure and puzzle

As a combination of adventure and puzzle, decision making and story changes are a key part of Detroit: Become Human’s gameplay. Players will in turn experience the story of both Connor, Kara and Markus.

Through interaction with objects and surroundings, players will select the actions of Androids in each case. Besides, players will have the opportunity to become an Android. With Connor, you can reconstruct the crime scene, use guns … With Kara, you will have enough housework related tasks.

There will also be hundreds of endings in Detroit: Become Human and you will probably have to play a lot of times if you want to get a good ending. Note: In case one of the Androids dies, the storyline will continue. Mechanism of the game gives players a lot of interesting experiences when players watch in a conversation during and immediately after a certain chapter or players can rewind to a certain number of chapters to change decisions were made.

some scenes feature countdowns
Some scenes feature countdowns

Besides, some scenes feature countdowns, forcing players to think and act quickly. For example, when Connor rescues the couple’s daughter at the beginning of the story, decisions must be made quickly if the player wants to protect the girl’s life. Quick-time-event (QTE – a quick hit of a series of buttons) is also a notable highlight of Detroit: Become Human.

QTE helps players feel all the actions of the character they are controlling, thereby making the game more realistic. But sometimes the number of QTEs is too many and overwhelming and the psychology of the players becomes tense and can’t handle it. You need to notice this to experience the game that takes place in the most perfect condition. Features

● Deep and seamless story

● The graphics system of the game is highly appreciated with extremely detailed and meticulous lines.

● Storytelling combined with sayings from the characters in the game makes players feel attractive and difficult to stop the game. Conclusion As a game that is extremely picky and “”cinematic”” but Detroit: Becoming Human is truly a blockbuster worth waiting for. Stunning graphics combined with compelling storyline will make it worth every penny. ”


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