Dicey Dungeons – Play and fight like a dice

Dicey Dungeons

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you were a dice? Now is your chance to turn into a giant walking dice and fight against Lady Luck. As a deck-building game created by Terry Cavanagh, Dicey Dungeons features an aesthetically pleasing design that gives this game a unique touch.

With each character having their own distinct personality, you can play as a number of characters all with the job of surviving as long as possible. This article will provide you with a Dicey Dungeons review for you to assess and download!



Play and fight like a dice
Play and fight like a dice

Despite the adorable characters and fun atmosphere of the game, surviving is harder than you think. The further you progress into the game, the harder he level will get.

Before starting the game, you get to pick from one of the six adorable dice characters. In the very beginning, you get given a toolset that you’ll have to utilize in order to stay alive. The key to survival is to come up with different ways to use the given tools to defeat whatever challenge comes your way.

During battles, you’ll get to roll a dice for each turn. It can be used as add-on abilities depending on your character level and the cards you have in your backpack. Each dice character can carry up to six cards.

However, some cards may take up two slots in your inventory. To succeed in the game, your task is to come up with the best ways to deploy your cards. Some cards include extra damages or extra defense, so you can work your way up and defeat the final boss.



Rewards After each battle, you receive an amount of gold depending on how well you did. The gold can be used to purchase new cards or upgrade your old ones. If you successfully defeat any enemies, you get given experience points that can be used to heal or to buy another dice.


As an entertaining game that features a unique playing style, you can enjoy this new type of aesthetic as you play as one of the six dice characters. Including many new dungeons and challenges, the variety of episodes will have you busy for hours. This game will definitely put a smile on your face and will not disappoint you!

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Dicey Dungeons – Play and fight like a dice

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