Miss Neko Game review – Pinball in a whole new way

Miss Neko is an aesthetically and visually pleasing adult game that features adorable catgirls and puzzle. Despite being a game with a relatively simple concept, it has brought joy to many people worldwide.

Though it’s only suitable for anyone above 18 as it contains naked and pornographic content, it’s perfect for those who love anime and puzzles. This game has an interesting concept and many levels ranging from easy to difficult that will keep you on your toes and wanting more.

Designed for you to have a relaxing and enjoyable experience when playing, you get the enticing view of sexy beast ladies and play Yakyuken with them. This Miss. Neko review will give you the information you need before downloading!


Miss Neko Game review

As a single-player game published and developed by the Double W company, it’s finally available for the public on 14th August 2019.
Including a lot of pink and realistic sound effects, the game also features a very cute background soundtrack that makes your experience that much more entertaining!

What is Yakyuken?

Yakyuken is a traditional Japanese version of rock-paper-scissor however is usually played with three people instead of the usual two. As the characters dance to the music, they reveal the gesture they choose.

In the game, the gestures are provided in circular boxes at the bottom of the screen. After you’ve clicked, whoever loses has to remove a clothing item. If it’s a draw, you play once again.


Apart from being able to play a classic game of Yakyuken with charming cat ladies, there are also many super puzzles waiting for you.

From relatively easy puzzles to complete to harder ones, you have to move the jumbled puzzle pieces around by clicking on it and moving using your mouse. Once you successfully make the image and clear the level, you get to unlock the portraits.

You’ll always have an exciting journey when solving puzzles and watching Miss. Neko.


This puzzle game is great for all anime and Yakyuken lovers who are interested in having a fun time while collecting portraits.

With many different levels and content to explore, we can ensure that you’ll never have a boring moment when playing this game. If you want to play Miss. Neko, you can download online on Steam.

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Miss Neko Game review – Pinball in a whole new way

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