Monster Hunter: World – Hunting trip in The New World

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Ever since its debut, the sequel to Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter: Wolrd has received a warm welcome from the player community and has quickly become a global phenomenon.

Monster Hunter: World – Hunting trip in The New World

What is better than having the opportunity to destroy all kinds of monsters in an endless world? Mstr onster Hunter: World’s version on PS4 platform is really an unprecedented experience for anyone who is passionate about this game genre.

What is waiting for players? Let’s explore with me through this article.


Monster Hunter: World is a third-perspective action role-playing game (RPG game) from game producer Capcom. The PS4 version was released on January 2018 and received a lot of compliments.
Monster Hunter: Wolrd still focuses on two elements of action and monsters. The game takes the fictional setting at The New World – a place completely separate from the crowded old world.

A base called Astera is quickly established with the mission of researching, exploring… The New World. The central task of Astera is to study Elder Dragons. And things gradually become complicated as scientists discover 3 Elder Dragons that can change the fate of The New World.

First is Zorah Magdaros, a dying Elder. Nergigante, an Elder Dragon who ate other Elder Dragons, chose Zorah Magdaros as a meal. In addition, the course teachers in Astera also discovered Elder Dragon, the newborn Xeno’jiiva, was absorbing energy from dead Elder.
If Nergigante eats Zorah Magdaros and Xeno’jiiva absorbs all of the enormous energy, The New World will be in real danger.

Players play in the role of Hunter – a 5th Fleet soldier summoned by the Research Committee. His mission is to destroy Nergigante to make sure Zorah Magdaros moves and dies in the Elders’ cemetery and kill Xeno’jiiva before it’s too late.


Monster Hunter: World still keeps abreast of the gameplay of searching and destroying monsters in which movement combined with attack and defend skills will bring you victory. But one unique thing about this game is that you have to really think to find out the right tactics. This is a rare feature in RPG games.
Each monster has its unique characteristics, personalities and behaviors through practical details we see. Besides, each weapon in the game has certain advantages and disadvantages that make them almost suitable for certain types of monsters. So, a reasonable tactic almost plays a decisive role.

The player’s intrinsic attributes are determined by the equipment they carry. There are fourteen archetypes to choose from at the beginning of the game.

This basic weapon will determine the core attributes of the player throughout the journey at The New World. Other equipment such as helmets, armor, … as well as skill systems will be added and improved through the process of destroying monsters and completing missions.

Don’t waste a piece of stuff that comes out of monsters because it’s likely to be a material to create high-level equipment with many new powers.

In Monster Hunter: World, the mission system is divided into 3 separate parts: Low Rank, High Rank, Bounties.
● “”Low Rank”” mission base on game content. Performing these tasks will help you relax, discover a variety of monsters and beauty of The New World.
● “”High Rank”” missions are decided by players. Each hunt is a combination of multiple stacking missions, such as having to confront a lot of monsters in a short time frame or extract the basic abilities of weaker monsters.
● Bounties missions are added to the above two systems to provide players with valuable rewards.
A very special point of Monster Hunter: World is the player can choose between Solo mode and Squad mode (4 players). Conquer the challenge yourself or stand side by side with your teammates, that will be your decision.


● Diverse task system, ranging from low to high
● Countless weapons
● Complex and diverse map system
● Great graphics
● Increasing independence for players when there is no level and skill point hierarchy

Play device requirements

● Operating system: WINDOWS® 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (requires 64 bits)
● Processor: 3.4GHz Intel® Core ™ i7 3770, Intel® Core ™ i3 8350 4GHz, AMD Ryzen ™ 5 1500X
● RAM: 8 GB of memory
● Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 (3 GB VRAM), AMD Radeon ™ RX 570 (4GB VRAM)
● DirectX: Version 11
● Network: Broadband Internet connection
● Disk capacity: 30 GB of free hard disk space
● Sound card: DirectSound (DirectX® 9.0c or higher)

Note: Maximum graphic quality is comparable to 1080p / 30 frames / sec


It would not be too much to say that Monster Hunter: World for PS4 is a masterpiece of the RPG game genre. This game got a high score on many charts and attracted more than 12 million downloads.
Capcom has really brought one of the best RPG games ever.

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