SENRAN KAGURA: Peach Ball Game for a lot of fun

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If you love anime, Senran Kagura or Pinball, we’ve found the perfect game for you!
As a new and exciting way to play a fun game of Pinball, you can now play Pinball with charming Senran Kagura characters. Peach Ball is designed to be a spin-off of the franchise and has acquired a large number of fans ever since their release.

The adorable anime characters not only provide an appealing aspect to the game itself, but it’s also suitable for any Senran Kagura fans. Being as colorful as ever, the selling point of this game is their over-the-top characters and use of humor. This article will give you a detailed SENRAN KAGURA Peach Ball Review for you to explore the game.


The game revolves around one of Hakura the puppeteer’s experiments as she brews a weird green liquid and accidentally turned her shinobi friends into animals. Your job is to help reverse her mistake by throwing soft pinballs at them and use the mist antidote.


Peach Ball is an entertaining arcade game that features an array of activities for you to spend hours playing. The game has many options such as exclusive mini-games and much more. You get to witness the cuteness of the five fan favorites including Asuka, Yumi, Yomi, Ryna and Murasaki!

If you want to spice things up, you have the flexibility to dress up your Senran Kagura characters as well as pick their hair and accessories in the Dressing Room.
The more you play, the further you fill the Peach Mission bar on the right of your screen which allows you to play the Sexy Challenge. It involves throwing pinballs into the designated circle.


As a relatively easy game to play, Peach Ball includes controller support, mouse control, and a menu navigation bar. You can use your keyboard to play the game such as using W, S, A, D when wanting to move the
camera and R to reset the frame.

First, you select your desired table, which includes playing in Peach Land or Oshinobi Yuenchi. Once you’ve decided, you can pick which character you want to lie on top of the table and then begin playing.


What can be better than firing soft pinballs at your favorite shinobi girls?
As a recommended game for both newcomers and returning fans, Peach Ball is a fantastic addition to the Senran Kagura series.

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