Steel Division 2 Review – The end of the Nazi

Steel Division II has finally arrived, and it is ready to take you through the course of history once again. Set during the Operation Bagration of World War II, everyone can’t seem to deny the realistic graphics and large scale maps that bring the battles to life.

The game comes with great visual and audio quality, including vehicle engine sounds or the rattling sound of the machine guns. With new mechanics, units, and a high-level RTS, this game can easily be one of the most detailed RTS games of the wargame genre.

However, this real-time tactical wargame has received mixed reviews. Steel Division 2 can be quite intimidating during the first few trials.

Some people find the game hard to pick up due to the new RTS mechanics as it requires a lot of micromanaging if you wish to prevail on the battlefield.

But don’t worry, once you start practicing and learning the primary mechanics, you’ll be an ultimate commander in no time.


Many additional factors make Steel Division 2 a considerable asset. With a massive playground for players to fight their battles head-on or with a friend, it can be quite an experience to roam around the 150×100 km map. Available for up to 20 people to play together, the following are significant features that Division 2 holds.

Battle of The History

The game takes place during Operation Bagration, also considered as the greatest disaster for Germany in World War 2. During this event, the Soviet Union and Nazi Army faced off against each other in Byelorussia, also known as the Eastern Front.

Able to significantly defeat the Nazis, you get to relive the glory and replay the victory of the Soviet Union when playing Steel Division 2.

1:1 Scale That Resembles Real World

Steel Division 2 has improved its gameplay experience by making it far more realistic. You have the option to zoom in and see every tiny detail and zoom out to observe the big battle.

Fully equipped with ground vehicles, artillery, and planes to dominate both the land and sky, you get to take on the role of a general and command your troops.  Then, take your army into battle with the Dynamic Strategic Campaign, where you fight on 150×100 km maps, against thousands of enemy troops.

With the battlefield scaled to real life, it’s essential to come up with an effective plan before playing. Treat the battle like it’s a real fight as there could be opportunities to turn the tide of war, waiting for you to grasp.

Realistic Details

The new sequel of the Steel Division enhances the realism of the game. You can zoom in as close as to individual units and vehicles as you want, being able to see the intricate details of the item.

While roaming the map, you can spot tank treads rolling and leaving traces on the road or infantry trucks carrying soldiers as they sit uniformly and patiently, waiting to be deployed. If you have a sharp eye, you can detect troops on the ground, keeping a low profile as they crawl through the jungles and quickly switching covers.

The landmark’s designs will certainly amaze you as you zoom into the trees, grasses, and bushes and view even the smallest details. To make the setting even more realistic, the dust and smoke appear from the ground when bombs hits.

Exciting Real-time Strategy Battles

Aside from the realistic graphics, Steel Division 2 has improved its gameplay experience, allowing players to fully take on the role of a commander of a mighty army. Returning fans should be familiar with the overall concept of the game.

In Steel Division 2, you get to command in over 600 individual units, tanks, and aircraft and lead them into battle. You also get the flexibility of grouping units or send them into battle separately.

Once solidifying your tactic, you can set up barricades and artillery to destroy armies at a long-range along with ordering tanks to destroy whatever obstacles come in your way. During deployment, you get to issue aircraft to take charge in the sky to provide support for ground units, as well as defend them from enemies’ planes.

Multiplayer Battles

As a versatile game for solo players and large groups, aside from the main campaign, Division 2 offers a variety of awesome features. Including multiplayer battles, where you can play together with friends or other international players, you can also play battles with up to 20 people!

What can be better than gathering your group friends to test your skills on a 1:1 scaled battlefield? With each of the multiplayer battles lasting as long as one hour, you’ll be entertained for hours.


With the strongest points lying in the graphics and game modes department, there are many additional features that makes Division 2 a successful wargame. With a massive 1:1 map for you to explore, it can be done individually or with a friend.

Along with getting to be in the shoe of a mighty army commander, players can enjoy the complex nature of the game as they put themselves in one of the biggest fights in modern warfare history.

As one of the most popular wargames based around World War II, it’s perfect for those who love to take part in real historical events. Engage yourself in a game of Division 2 and get ready to be enthralled in all the fighting and complexity.

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Steel Division 2 Review – The end of the Nazi

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