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Have you ever come home after a long day of work and wanted to shut down completely? Do you want to find a simple and efficient solution that’ll relieve you from your stress and make your mind at ease?

When living in a fast-pacing world, it can be easy to lose yourself in the hecticness. It’s always good to take time to relax and recharge, but when not having the time to plan a getaway, what can you do?

My suggestion is to play Under What. It’s an enticing visual novel that tells the tale of an old fisherman who faces the surface of the water. This article will give you an in-depth summary of the newly released game so you can further explore and use it as a way to calm your nerves.

About the developer

Under What Review

Dan Gartman is a Ukranian illustrator that mixes crafting with digital art. He works with a variety of handmade techniques such as ink graphic, papercraft, tattoo, and sketching.

Previously working with a long list of famous brands such as Snapchat, Walmart, Google, and more, Gartman has created quite a fanbase of his own.

Dan Gartman on Behance

If you want to explore more of his artwork, you can visit his social media or art portfolio where he frequently posts his work. Additionally, you can also watch his Youtube videos where he films sketching tutorials and time-lapses of his work.


Despite being a simple and short game, the story is enlaced with beautiful illustrations and peaceful music that never fails to leave a smile on your face. Including countless witty humor and great puns, you’ll feel yourself re-living again after this enchanting experience.

Under What

You get to enjoy the very peculiar and spacious journey of an old fisherman as he takes you under the sea. Throughout the game, you’re not going to find any jumpscares, fast-paced actions, or instructions requiring you to complete a task.


This game isn’t like all the other video games you’ve come across like the action-adventure games, shooting games, or strategy games.
Instead, you’re faced first-hand with an array of bad jokes and extraordinary characters.

Described as lying along the line of being similar to an interactive comic rather than a game, it’s currently available in Russian and English. Gartman hopes to release a Finish translated version in the future.

Without any good or evil characters involved, you can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere that the game creates with a cup of tea.

Featuring the unique art style created by the developer, the colorful backgrounds and funny-looking characters bring a light-hearted tone to the game.

You will find it inevitable not to fall in love with the illustrations in the game and laugh at the way the fishes and the old man jabbed at each other. If you came to this game to view the art and puns, you’ll no doubt leave with a lighter spirit and a lesson that simplicity is always the best approach.

A visual comic by Dan Gartman


Under What is a simple game perfect for anyone who wants to relax and have a good time or is interested in art. Only taking up five to seven minutes of your time, it’ll leave you feeling happy for the rest of your day.

You can easily download this game on Steam by typing the title or name of the developer into the search bar. Now that you know how to find this game and what you’ll experience when playing, what are you waiting for?
It’s your turn to experience the greatness yourself.


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