Vicious Circle – Shooting, Escaping, and having fun

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As a solid and fun uncooperative multiplayer shooting game, Vicious Circle is suitable for anyone who enjoys playing adventure, action, or first-person shooting games.

Vicious Circle

Developed and published by Rooster Teeth Games, you can purchase online after the release date on the 14th of August 2019. The game includes four different maps for you to explore, four characters to play as and one big bad monster to defeat.

This article will give you a detailed Vicious Circle review and all the necessary information you need before purchasing.

Gameplay Vicious Circle

The game features a comic-book style graphics and characters with great personalities. Also, throughout the game, you’ll be exposed to the witty humor and small conversations the characters have together.



The goal of the game is to collect all seventy-five nuggets scattered around the map so you can evacuate the area. However, there is an ultimatum. Only one play can walk away with all the nuggets.

Uh oh! When in the evacuation zone, you and your friends have to battle each other and claim the prize to yourself before leaving them behind. Nothing can be worse than fighting against your own friends, but that’s what makes this game so fun! Characters

You can select which character to play from the four mercenaries, including Blitz, Captain Boom, CR45H, and Zella. Each player has their own unique skill that they excel in. For example, Zella has a cloaking ability, and Captain Boom has the best weapon, however, they lack of speed.


Earn nuggets The rare nuggets are called Peggy Sue, who is known for being extremely deadly. They have the ability to see through walls and create substantial damages, resulting in a kill with just a few hits.

Additionally, Peggy Sue can throw eggs at enemies to slow them down, making it easier for her to attack them. If you end up getting killed by Peggy Sue, it isn’t the end of the road just yet. You return as an alien called Lil Dipper and moves around by latching its tentacles.


Vicious Circle is a one of a kind game with an exciting concept that makes it different from other action-adventure games. As a game that requires teamwork and playing dirty whenever it’s possible, download now on Steam and hunt down Peggy Sue!

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