What is Trendy Now: Top 20 Mods for Skyrim Special Edition Game

As the fifth edition of the well-known action role-playing video game named The Elder Scrolls, Skyrim’s developers have been trying to launch fantastic mods. Therefore, players can get more exciting experiences.

With more vivid animation, new challenging tasks, and colorful themes, Skyrim is sure to satisfy the desire of game lovers. Be prepared to test the top 20 mods for Skyrim special edition game!

Top 20 Mods for Skyrim Special Edition Game

Top 20 Mods for Skyrim Special Edition Game

1. Unofficial Skyrim special edition patch

Don’t let bugs disrupt your game with this particular edition patch. Such comprehensive mod aims to fix common faults in the program that the developers haven’t found an ultimate solution yet. It goes beyond the limits of the Creation Kit and community-developed tools.

The mod is compact in one package that is easy to install. It deals with a variety of gameplay, item, NPC, object, placement, quest, and text bugs.

Devised by the Unofficial Oblivion Patch series’ authors, the mod effects no unsafe changes like deleting stock objects. It boasts high compatibility with other mods, allowing players to enjoy as many innovative features as possible.

Upon encountering with any bug, don’t hesitate to report in great details on the USSEP bug tracker for the solution. However, remember to use search to make sure the virus isn’t available on their list.

2. Static Mesh Improvement Mod – SMIM

Ranking in the top open-world role-playing games available, Skyrim features lively 3D models of characters and creatures. However, several appalling models, particularly low-polygon static meshes that make up architectural elements, are the minus point of the game. The armors, creatures, significant buildings, races, and weapons are elaborately created at the expense of dull 3D mode


This is why the Static Mesh Improvement Mod is launched. It enhances the visual look of the whole game by improving the appearance of 3D models and fixing oddities.

Until now, there are over 900 meshes developed with 30 000 placements made. In particular, flora, tree, and plant textures become livelier while the framerate hit remains considerable.

In terms of ruins clutter, 3D chains are added to chandeliers while producers have made substantial improvements to candles and other ruins-related issues. Rugs have turned more lore-friendly and detailed.

You can choose other visual mods to combine with SMIM for enhanced effects, for example, Real Roads, High-Quality Food and Ingredients, Jewels of the Nord, or SkyFalls and SkyMiles.

3. Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE – FNIS SE

Understanding the burning desire of players, FNIS SE Behaviors facilitates custom animation.

You now can freely add various animation types to the game, ranging from idles/poses, furniture, kill moves, creatures to sequenced and paired. Also, FNIS Spells allow users to turn on almost all animation files and dance animations are no exception.

The mod gives an estimate of the percentage of Skyrim’s custom animation resources left and the contribution of each animation mod to your game experience.

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What is Trendy Now: Top 20 Mods for Skyrim Special Edition Game

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