Blitzkrieg: Discover suspense through War of Tanks

The tanks are heavy combat vehicles but have tremendous damage. And it would be interesting if you, not everyone else, will be able to control these tanks.

Set in World War II, classic tanks have been upgraded to modern tanks with new equipment and firing modes. A lot of tanks are in a state of readiness to wait for orders to join the war.


Discover suspense through War of Tanks

Rodsovsky’s well-known generals such as MacArthur, Zhukov, Gudrian were cleverly incorporated into the game as a great success of the manufacturer. They are designed to look like the real thing and fit their tank with real stories from World War II.

The tanks of German, US, Soviet, Chinese military and other tanks come in the game, making it more realistic and lively. All are modeled to design the most honest way so that players can experience valuable shooting and upgrades.

How to play

Based on the time flow of World War II, in addition to real campaigns like the withdrawal of Dunkirk and Polis which makes the game became very authentic. Besides, the training mode also becomes rich when players are trained through many different levels of play to become proficient.

The experience can be drawn by players through battles, such as the Western Line attack, the Jedi counterattack and the bloody Kursk war.

War of Tanks: Blitzkrieg allows players to upgrade and enhance parts such as multi-threaded tank system, snout, crawler, viewfinder, armor, engine, etc. Experiencing more and more screens, the player’s skills are raised, thereby defeating the opponent through those skills.

The game also provides players with spoils and benefits gained from battles such as grain storage, building bases, capturing oil fields, expanding territory and conquering the world if as players with allies with ideas. From everywhere on the map, your tank will sweep every place to get glory.

Final Thought

If you want to understand more about World War II through another look, War of Tanks: Blitzkrieg may be a great idea. It is even more amazing for adventurous people and strong feelings. tanks like German Tiger, U.S. Sherman, Soviet T34 / 85 and the Chinese 59-D are ready for you to explore. Good luck!

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Blitzkrieg: Discover suspense through War of Tanks

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