The Song of Saya: Story of a Horror Love

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The Song of Saya: Story of a Horror Love

The world has witnessed many crazy and horror love stories, but the love between Sakisa Fuminori and Saya is a special example. Based on the novel by Japanese writer Urobuchi Gen, the couple’s story has been inspired for the development of the game.
Players can immerse themselves in sweet love as well, but sometimes, you will be startled by the creepy sounds or images created in the game.


Sakisa Fuminori is a character whose mother’s bundle was lost in an accident. He developed the game around this character. Sakisa Fuminori has been infected with an abnormal disease and must manage to survive.
With a somewhat peculiar world view, everything around him full of disgusting flesh and blood is always present in his delusional state.

Until Sakisa Fuminori meets a strange girl named Saya. Realizing Saya has many things in common with her and therefore, Saya quickly becomes his life goal.

Game Review


Sakisa Fuminori is a pitiful boy when he lost his parents in an accident. When he woke up, he noticed that he was lying in a hospital with dirty blood.

And it was more pitiful when the surgeon gave him a small mistake in Sakisa Fuminori’s skull that made him unusual. With his unstable mind, he always felt around with only dirty flesh and blood.
Saya is a girl that Sakisa Fuminori met in a mental hospital when she was holding stones, throwing into mental patients. Owning an abnormal white skin, it’s not hard to recognize her facial features such as hair and nose. Realizing the similarity between himself and Saya, Sakisa Fuminori hurriedly gave her love to her.


Despite being a short game, The Song of Saya also has a certain investment in terms of image.
Scary scenes with rotting flesh and dirty blood are perfectly erected. The image of a naked woman who could not see the genital part made the player feel more comfortable.


The voice acting of the characters in the game is also very invested. From Sakisa Fuminori and Saya’s voices or the voices of Fuminori’s friends are also very special. The soundtrack is also very creepy, making players sometimes feel scared and uncomfortable.
Final Thought
Although sometimes I have to pause the game because many scenes in the game are quite scary and violent, but in short this is still a horror game that is worth playing.
I must admit The song of Saya is not for readers with a weak mind. But what are you afraid of?

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