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Fallout New Vega

If you’re someone who loves playing action role-playing video games, Fallout: New Vegas is a great one to invest your time in. Published in 2010, this game is developed by Bethesda Softworks and is available on Windows, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.
As the sequel to the 2008’s Fallout 3 game, this relatively complex game that has stolen the hearts of many gamers. There are many features in this game that will have you playing for hours including new characters, factions, and areas. You’ll never run out of things to do as there are hours upon hours of expansive and side quests.

There’s a reason why Fallout New Vegas has become such a successful role-playing game, and that’s because of the flexibility that it gives you. Whether you’re a newcomer or a returning fan of the popular franchise, Fallout New Vegas will hold a difficulty level that makes things extra challenging. As a game that puts your survival skills to the test, there’s no reason why you can’t install mods to personalize the game. Here’s a list of the top 20 best Fallout New Vegas mods for you to explore!

The best Fallout New Vegas mods

There are many ways to enhance your gameplay experience through the use of mods. Here’s a list of ways you can enhance your playing experience and customizing the Commonwealth.

1. Roleplayers Alternative Start Fallout New Vegas

Starting the game with the same scenario over and over again can be tiresome and tedious, especially when you’ve been playing it for countless hours. If you’re someone in that category, don’t give up the game just yet, but instead, check out this amazing mod.
This Roleplayers Alternative Start mod allows you to craft your own character and give them their own background story. Apart from being able to decide your own fate and create a fresh beginning, you’ll receive a few random belongings selected for you by the game. All you have to do is answer a quick couple of questions.
Whether you want to be a gangster or apart of the Followers of the Apocalypse, this mod has got you covered.

2. Monster Mod

We all know and love the selection of Fallout New Vegas’ monsters, especially the monster fighting. But what if you wanted to have a broader range to pick from?

Fighting the same monster can get boring after a while, but not to worry. This Monster Mod gives you an additional 130 creatures and unique textures, making your monsters even more gruesome and nasty. There are many different types of monsters to decide from, including scorpions, ghouls, mutants, dogs, and many more. If you want to own a two-headed monster or a werewolf that only comes out at night, there are over hundreds to choose from!
Sign yourself up for a frightening surprise by downloading this mod.

3. Essential Visual Enhancements

There are many important aspects that can make your game stand out amongst the rest, and one of them is the visual aspect. Though seemingly overrated, the visuals of a game are what draws players in the first place.
This mod addresses most of the game’s animations and graphics to improve your gaming experience and make your game more interesting. There are many modifications such as changing the texture of blood squirting, bullet impact, or explosions. Additionally, the player’s wounds are reanimated to look more realistic, adding to the gruesome factor.

4. Oxide ENB

Fallout New Vegas is a post-apocalypse game, which means that the setting is full of collapsed buildings, wiped out landscapes, and a gloomy atmosphere. However, if you want to play around with the visual setup and try a more refreshing take on the game, this mod will allow you to do just the thing.

The Oxide ENB mod provides you a fun-looking alternative in contrast with the standard dreary environment that Fallout New Vegas has.
Changes to the weather and lighting system have been made to give it an atmospheric vibe. Now, you can take in the beauty of the bright blue skies of New Vegas along with the sunny and colorful atmosphere. What a great way to change things up!

5. Nipton Rebuilt

As one of the main maps in Fallout New Vegas, Nipton Rebuilt was devastatingly destroyed during the apocalypse. However, this mod gives you the opportunity to play this map as the city it should have been. Bringing you many new perks such as weapons, collectibles, and buildings, you also get to be the Mayor of Nipton!

This mod provides a great alternative for people who want to experiment with different role-playing scenarios. You are assigned the task of running the town, restart buildings, and completing side missions.

There are many new places to explore in this new map, such as a vintage cinema, Nipton Church, train stations, Clearspring Mine, and much more. Take on the challenging task of being Mayor and start rebuilding the town.

6. Dust Survival Simulator

Survival games have been the hype for many years, which is why you should consider trying the Dust Survival Simulator if you want to experience a more challenging atmosphere. There are many features that have been altered such as loot, weather, enemies and combat skills to make your experience more difficult.

Dust gives you a more realistic and action-packed version of the game as you play as an average bystander. Given a chance to create your own story, your only and only mission in Dust and it is to stay alive and escape the Mojave. With only one true way of winning Dust, it isn’t as easy as you think.

As you’re more susceptible to being shot, face flesh-eating humans, and getting hallucinations from drugs, Dust is really, really hard. But once you figure out the right strategy, the feeling of the winner feels more rewarding than ever.

7. Yukichigai Unofficial Patch – YUP

Nothing is perfect, which means that Fallout: New Vegas has some glitches that need fixing. Also known as bugs, it can cause drastic problems that can affect your overall gaming experience.

Although it isn’t considered as a great deal, it is still annoying for players to experience an unwanted defect. Rather than waiting around for the developers to fix it, online users have taken the initiative to fix the bugs by creating their own mods.
YUP is an unofficial patch that fixes a number of bugs that the developers haven’t gotten a chance to do. There are many alterations, such as fixing the Dead Money perk, curing addictions, preventing the Old World Blues skills from being taken away. With many more additional fixes, installing this mod will significantly improve your playing.

8. Wasteland Flora Overhaul

For those who want to try playing Fallout New Vegas in a setting other than Majove Wasteland, this mod provides you a more tropical atmosphere. With over 100 types of trees and plants scattered around the map, you’ll be able to view the extensive selection of plants including cacti, sunflowers, bristlecone pines, etc.
Apart from adding more color to the landscape, the graphics are also replaced with higher detailed models. Overloaded with flowers and shrubs, you can finally explore the Wasteland as a forested area.

There are three versions to pick from such as Fertile Wasteland, Dead Wasteland, and ESP-less version. If you want a complete change to the whole landscape, Fertile Wasteland is the one to pick. However, if you still want to add a sense of liveliness without altering too much of the landscape, you can download the ESP-less version.

9. More Perks

Ingame perks are always great. It gives you a chance to customize the game as your own and allows you to get creative with your character and abilities.

This More Perks mod provides you with over 120 perks and traits for you to experiment with. There are many perks to select from including Group Reflexes, Forbidden Invention, Fists of Steel, and much more!
If you’ve ever wanted to be able to make critical hits or outsmart other people, now is your chance. As a great way to make your game more interesting, there are many impressive perks for you to mix and match your character and see the outcome of it. To find out more about the perks, click on the link provided below.

10. Four Legged Friends

We all know that a man’s best friend is a dog, which is why it only makes sense for you to travel around with a four-legged companion. This mod gives you the choice of six dogs, including Bullets, Shrapnel, Mezcal, Farsight, Digger, and Zipper.
With all the companions having distinct differences, you’ll surely be able to find a suitable dog to take the role as your best friend. Ranging from an energetic dog, a tribal dog, or a generic guard dog, you can easily find the companions in the Goodsprings schoolhouse. Additionally, this mod gives you the flexibility to create your own characters and backstory after choosing one of the six provided companions.

Although your dog is vulnerable to bullet shots, they have 10,000 hit points which means they’ll be able to survive countless shots.

11. Project Nevada

Although Fallout New Vegas was initially designed to be complex and challenging, many players have found it considerably easy to play after an adequate amount of practice. So, for those who are searching for an alternative that increases the difficulty level to the game, Project Nevada is the one you’re looking for.

As a mod that can easily be installed and setup, it allows players to pick the modules that they want instead of the typical all or nothing option. Though having the flexibility, the game gets increasingly more difficult, so you shouldn’t look down on this mod. The gameplay is altered to make your gaming experience more complicated and tedious, but still enjoyable.

Including a number of new features such as slower backpedaling, immersive health visuals, bullet time, and many more, it’s perfect for anyone wanting to take on a challenge.

12. Weapons of the New Millenia

As a first-person shooter post-apocalypse game, weapons are an important factor when it comes to completing game quests and surviving. That is why you should install this weapon pack that gives you over 45 new standard weapons to play around with.
Upgraded with a ton of weapon mods, you also get customized sounds for each weapon to make your gameplay experience more realistic. The weapons have also been improved through a few alterations such as adding iron sights, correcting textures, and fixing leveled lists. It’s a great way to change up the game while still keeping the roleplaying aspect.

You can try an array of guns including AN-94, the Combat Shotgun, Makarov, Steyr AUG A1, and many more. To explore the list of weapons, click on the provided link below.

13. Radio Active Channel Extender

Nothing can be more irritating than having to listen to the same song repeatedly because you don’t have the option to play other songs. But don’t panic, we’ve got you covered!

Why not consider implementing this Radio Station Channel Extender mod to make your game more entertaining.
It gives you a ten to five hundred song capacity space where you can broadcast your favorite songs at any place and during any time. Additionally, you’re given three playing options, including random shuffle, ascending order, and repeat.

As an easy to download and stable mod to use, you can easily obtain radios at certain vendors. You also have the ability to bring your radio around with you in different worlds!

14. Fallout Character Overhaul

As an efficient and simple way to improve your game-playing experience, upgrading your characters will make an immense difference. This Fallout Character Overhaul mod changes many things, including textures and resolution, to make the characters look more realistic.

This mod gives you a vast amount of options to make your roleplaying more diverse such as providing over 130 unique races, adding textures, and more high resolution. With the ability to change eye textures, hair textures, and construct face shapes, you can basically build your own character!

Additionally, the mod also pays attention to small details like small sweat effects, scars, bullet wounds, and eyelashes. If you’ve been dying to create a replica of yourself in Fallout New Vegas, you can do that by installing this mod!

15. FNV Project Reality MKI

Although Fallout New Vegas has many quests for you to complete, playing those quests in the same dark and gloomy atmosphere can be tiresome.

By installing this Project Reality mod, it alters your weather, lighting, and visual effects to give a brighter and modernized look to the standard Fallout setting. The mod includes over 40 different weathers, natural disasters, and realistic visuals. As a more optimized version, the landscape is created using neon HDR lights and colors based on real-world data.
With the addition of bright blue skies and realistic layering clouds, there are also added sound effects to compliment the weather. If you want to experience Fallout New Vegas through a more refreshing take, this mod is the one for you.

16. Blackout ENB at Fallout

As a significantly enhanced and realistic version of Fallout New Vegas, this mod gives you three different types of settings to pick from, all allowing you to approach through tactical strategies and night operations.

The creator has changed the shadow layout, color corrected the graphics and added sun rays to give players a more immersive gameplay experience.

The presets range from a hardcore vanilla atmosphere to a classical dark preset with night vision. If you want to customize the settings, you can do so by turning off the Depth of Field effect.

17. Mobile Truck Base

If you’ve ever played Fallout New Vegas, you must know the constant struggle and danger of having to go back home during the night. Thanks to the creation of this mod, you can now purchase a truck in the Gibson Scrapyard and store your items, so you don’t have to go back and forth regularly.

As a fairly small van, it still does an adequate job of driving you around and cramming your home in the back of a van. Providing a space to sleep, storage for gears and weapons, and a crafting station, it’s everything you need and can find at home.
The Mobile Truck Base provides players a home on wheels and is an efficient way to avoid having to go back into town every time you need to grab an item.

18. Fallout mod – New California

There’s a reason why the Fallout New California mod won the Mod of the Year award in 2013, and we’re going to tell you all about it.
It changes the whole plot of the game. You are instead going to roleplay as a kid from Vault 18, considered as a lonely orphan that is about to face a series of events that will change your life forever. After the horrifying mistake of adopting rebellious kids as the representatives of the next generation, things are about to get out of hand.

Your job is to go face-to-face with Wendell Peterson, the president of the New California Republic. With the factions and army banded together, the battle is going to be bigger than ever.

Featuring many main quests, characters, and voice acting, this mod tells the story of your player through an intro video, radio stations, music, and countless dialogues.

19. New Vegas Bounties

Instead of being assigned the mission of finding the killer and recovering a package, this mod gives you a new quest to make things more interesting.

Your job in the New Vegas Bounties mod is to track down the most malevolent outlaws in the Mojave Wasteland. You’re given a list of rogue rangers, drug smugglers, cannibals, and other criminals to catch as you take on the role as a bounty hunter. It gets progressively more difficult as you get further into the game, which adds to the complexity of the mod.

Jam-packed with action, violence, and profanity, you’ll have a mind-boggling experience when dealing with dangerous criminals and having contract killers sent to kill you. Get ready to be outnumbered, ambushed, or hunted down. After all, that is part of being a bounty hunter, right?

The question is, are you going to take it or leave it?

20. Run The Lucky 38 Casino

With the addition of this beautiful and luxurious casino, it’s quite a shame that you don’t get the option to run it. However, by installing this mod, you finally get the long-awaited opportunity to re-open and run the Lucky 38 Casino and Hotel.

Tasked with managing finances, hiring employees, and getting your casino to the top of the list, being an entrepreneur isn’t as easy as it looks. With the additional feature of expanding the building, you’ll have to face a series of hardship and struggle before becoming a successful owner of a thriving Casino.


As a successful spin-off in the Fallout series, Fallout New Vegas has gained a mass amount of fans due to their great gameplay, side quests, and settings. However, there’s always room for improvement by adding mods to the game. We hope this compilation of the top 20 best Fallout New Vegas mod helps improve your gaming experience.

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