Top 20 Mods for Oblivion Game that you will enjoy

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Oblivion Game that you will enjoy

Launched since 2006, Oblivion is an action RPG that has attracted millions of gamers all over the world. Spectacular scenes, silver armor, and super cool weapons may be enough for anyone to fall in love with this game at first sight.

However, to increase the fun and freshness of the game, we can install additional mods.
Let’s check out the top 20 mods for Oblivion game and see if what they have to offer.
Top 20 mods for Oblivion game checklist

1. Qarls Texture Pack III Full v1 3 OMOD

Thanks to this mod, Oblivion games now can enjoy seemingly more brilliant and sharper in-game images.

You can see that the new texture of everything is four times better than the original one or even more. Objects may look like 3D from a medium distance without getting the soupy artifacts using the parallax effect.
Retextured things include the environment, house structures, dungeons, blood splatters, snow rain, etc.

However, clothing, weapons, NPCs, animals, the sky, and some big objects are still the same.

2. Immersive Interiors

As a gamer, you must love to make your game as immersive as possible. Nevertheless, the vanilla Oblivion interiors really let us down.

They may look great at first. But gradually, as you play the game longer, you can realize that no matter what happens, the indoor light level never changes, which is somewhat disappointed.

Now, with this mod, you can easily see through the windows, and the brightness will vary depending on the weather and time of the day.
Due to its excellent weather system, it brings a fresh realism into the game. In this way, you can watch sunset or sunrise via a window in a pub just like you often do in real life.
Moreover, items in the houses and buildings will look more real and comfortable at the same time.

3. Better Cities

Apart from improving all of the original cities, the mod also adds more buildings, NPCs, and quests to the game. This is because it is the combination of a number of specific mods by many authors.

Nonetheless, you have the choice to exclude some cities that you do not like.
Overall, the mod remakes the layout of every city in the game. You can see some of the innovations as follows.

● Arboretum becomes a luxurious garden where there are deers and rabbits, a multi-functional hotel with a romantic pond.
● Imperial Market District, Arcane University, Chorrol, and so on are much more crowded and have more buildings than ever.
● The Skingrad is full of floral, and the Colovian District looks more beautiful.
And many more cities get a new appearance. Let’s explore them by yourself.

4. Beautiful People

This is the combination of many mods, which allows you to change many parts on the character’s head, including hair and eyes.

You can have a distinguished color in each eye. There are eyes of Vampire, dragon, cat, elf, and human in various styles.

Besides, there are a huge number of hairstyles added to all races. In this way, you can always have a cool or cute character as desired.

For example, if you love cold-blooded models, let’s create a vampire with red eyes and white hair. On the contrary, a dragon-eye and red-hair male will look aggressive while a brown-human-eye and blond-hair female is cute.

However, if these files take up too much of your PC, feel free to exclude some of them in the game folder.

5. Wrye Bash

Guess what you can do with this great mod?
It will help you have better control in the game with multiple functions such as installing other mods and manage incompatible files.
Moreover, it also serves as an addon load order and screenshot manager.
You manage to use all the .ini and settings files to adjust anything from the game folder to the in-game settings.

Especially, you can always ensure that the game is safe with its backup versions. In this way, you can try installing new mods or make any changes to the games. Your Oblivion game will be protected from any accidents, including viruses attack.
Furthermore, it can even make conflict mods become compatible with each other. But how? This mod can receive information from other mods then combine them into a “”bashed patch”” so that they can live well together.

The limited number of 255 plugins that can make automatically compatible is probably satisfying enough for any gamers.

6. Better dungeons

When it comes to Oblivion, we cannot help meeting dungeons and caves. If you feel bored with the familiar scenes in these places, you will need this mod. It will bring about many new and exciting dungeons and caves in your world.

Plants now can grow inside any caves that have the light penetrate. As a bonus, you can also get ingredients from the flora in these areas.

Be careful with the caves that have the torches along its path. Although these light sources help you to see better in the cave, they will lead you to both inoffensive NPCs and aggressive NPCs such as bandits, conjurers, or necromancers.

In addition, there are five bonus safe houses for you to store your loot.
To avoid breaking the lore, the mod will not affect quest-related caves.

7. Midas Magic Spells of Aurum

Have you ever dreamed about being the mightiest wizard? Or become the main character in a fairy tale that your parents used to tell you when you were a child?
Make your dream come true with more than three hundred new and unique magic types. It adds beam, spray and projectile attacks.

You will be able to see the amazing spells in ancient stories such as turn people into gold, summon a flying carpet, transform into a lycanthrope, or create a ring of fire to protect yourself.

It will enlarge the original magic system of the game without any harm, improve the balance in the combats, add an additional way to get the spells.
Moreover, new interesting quests and worlds promise to make you excited.

8. AliveWaters

The default underwater landscape is boring as hell. It only contains rocks and sands just like the moon’s surface. Nonetheless, everything will change if you install this mod.

You will have up to six kinds of redesigned seaweed apart from better use of the existing seaweed varieties.

Besides new special chest and extremely rusty weapons, more sea creatures with artificial intelligence will surprise you.

You can find the hidden treasures in three main wrecks and rusty items under the bridges and inside the docks.

9. SkyBSA

This mod will make Oblivion more similar to Skyrim without the heavy load of dozens of file stamps.

In other words, it provides you a comfortable way to play a variant of the modern version Elder Scroll V: Skyrim without needing to install it.

However, of course, you will have a different feeling of playing Sky or Oblivion at the same time. I can say that it will be very funny for you to enjoy something like a 2-in-1 unique game.

It will be a hard-to-describe but unforgettable experience so you should give a try.

10. Maskar’s Oblivion Overhaul

As an overhaul mod, it will enhance most things in the game, whilst keeping the general texture of the game plus creating compatibility among different mods. Every feature is customizable via OMOD installation and .ini files.

With this mod, you can meet surprising encounters as well as fresh and eye-catching creatures.

Moreover, combats will become even more epic thanks to new war sides and magic, better equipment, smarter combat AI, customizable level scales, and so much more.
There are some gifts for wanderers. You can hunt treasures and enjoy darker dungeons and nights with NPCs holding torches.

11. Natural Environments

The game graphic will be more realistic than expected with seasonal weather patterns and enhanced appearances of celestial features included.

The changes may include a rainbow in the horizon, flying snowflakes in the winter, a lively and vivid environment in the summertime, severe weather conditions in the spring and autumn.

The number of weather type increases to more than forty instead of seven in addition to bonus wild species like birds or bugs.
Besides, the mod also removes the ugly visual look of muddy water surfaces, dull underwater vision, pixelated nebula, moon and stars textures, silly meteoric conditions, and random weather variants.

Furthermore, all of the changes are smooth and will not affect the game’s performance remarkably. Wandering between forests or hills will be an effective way to relax you instead of looking at the original eye-aching images.
The bonus parts are HUD elements such as the alternative health/mana/fatigue/breath meter display bars and the compass.

12. Kvatch Rebuilt

Rebuild the Kvatch city by completing a range of quests in a few weeks of building and journeys.
You will have the chance to become the champion and have a statue of yourself in the city square by winning the tournaments in the arena.

Discover the malevolent mysteries of old Kvatch and fantastic areas as you fight through magnificent dungeons and answer the complicated puzzles.
In short, this mod will entertain you effectively with a new sub-game of Kvatch! I am sure that you can spend hours only playing this stage before moving to a new chapter.

13. Rens Beauty Pack

Install the mod and enjoy the new custom race ‘Mystic Elf’. There are four models for you to choose from either normal or tattooed male and female.

Also, the mod provides players with nearly twenty female and ten male hairstyles for any races. Each of them will have a normal/ blindfold(bandage) or mask patterns.
Although the length of the hair is immutable, it can have multiple colors. Be careful, or you can be addictive to watch the beautiful and sexy characters in the game.

14. Enhanced Water v20

The water in Oblivion may look fake and unreasonable in many areas from different angles and distances of view. Hence, the author of this mod felt unpleased with that fact and created this mod for gamers like him.
There will be changes to both colors and waves in the water, which includes the color of water in the night, surface reflections, and tiny ripples from swimming characters.

Besides, even the minimum details of the dungeon and sewers water, raindrops are also more realistic and clear. Thus, you can enjoy the best graphic of water in every waterdrop whether you are under rain or walk near a river.

15. Alternative Start Arrive by Ship

The tutorial quests and the criminal life ruin your immersive game experience? This mod can help.
Instead of beginning the game from the Imperial Prison like a normal criminal and wasting time completing the tutorial, you will initiate in your cabin on a wooden ship.

Provided that you have created your character immigration forms, and you will arrive at your desired port.
In addition, you can also customize your initial budget and items as well as your social status and role. Therefore, you are able to choose between a challenging or an easy life as you want.

16. Elven Map Redux

Do you want to replace the original brown map with a colorful map to have better feel? This mod can even do more than that. Apart from being tinted, the new map will also show all the changes in the kind of landscape across the Cyrodiil.
What’s more, a set of new full-color 3-D map icons including arrow markers that display the position of you and your quest-related targets are available, too.

Generally, you can read the map better, and the navigation is noticeably more relaxed and more comfortable. There will be no more prolonged boredom and difficulty when you open the maps and try to read them.

17. NorthernUI

The user interface looks somewhat alike to the UI of Skyrim, but it is even more artistic and modern. If you have played both Skyrim and Oblivion, you are able to see this evolution clearly.
Additionally, your gamepad will receive a lot of support with multiple adjustable control schemes. Thereby, gamepad users can play much more comfortably without Xpadder and AntiMicro. This may not do much for non-gamepad players, but it is a breakthrough for gamepad gamers like Xbox users.

The alchemy menu is easier to use so that you can brew potions effortlessly. The new menu allows you to classify ingredients by category and highlight valid materials. Become an expertise alchemist has never been so easy.

18. CM Partners Mod Basic

Right from its name, you find out that the mod assists you to recruit and form a crowd of adventurers. Each NPC file corresponds with a companion NPC. There are up to seventy files, and you may find these NPCs in the bars, hotels, and boarding houses all over Tamriel.
Team up to search for the wealth and knowledge offered in the lands. Besides, you can have pets, minions, and familiars and quick menus for common commands.

Furthermore, you can custom your own NPCs and command the whole party or by individuals. NPCs can have factions just like your characters.

Sometimes, gamers like me will hate the feeling of playing the game alone as we can feel lonely. This mod really helps us interact with the game better and have more loyal friends.

19. Map Marker Overhaul

You may have visited a ruin but stopped by a locked gate or an overwhelming enemy then you must run away. However, if you want to come back later, you will need some custom markers for these places.

Furthermore, the maps in Oblivion are very large, so you may get lost if you misread the maps. Therefore, these markers are extremely helpful for forgetful gamers.

You can also calculate the distance between the marks to estimate the travel time or use the Fast Travel feature.
The mod gives you a lot of options. But do not scare. It will help you to set up everything more exactly as you wish.

20. Weather – All Natural

This is the combination of a robust custom weather system and the existing weather mods. Thereby, it can create the most excellent weather/environment experience ever.

Below are the three main sections of this mod:

Custom Weather System

This option brings about a unique weather system consisting of an innovative regional weather script to sync the weather between interior and exterior scenes.

The images also shake and move in a natural way when you travel fast to create real-life feelings.
You have the right to select solely vanilla weathers or some or all-inclusive moded weather types such as Natural Weather, Atmospheric Weather System, and Enhanced Weather.

Natural Interiors

Indoor environments would change according to the weather outside and time of the day. For better performance, all interior windows have become extremely transparent so that players can see the sky outside exactly the same as the exterior weather and time of day.
As a result, you can enjoy a sunrise, sunset, moonlight, and star fall. Also, the interior brightness level depends on it being rainy, sunny, cloudy, nighttime, and so on.

Furthermore, you can even hear rain or thunder sounds from inside the house. As you can see, you cannot find these features in any other mods but this one.

Real Lights

The light source in Oblivion emits light that looks unrealistically. Anything you can see is just white and undefined light beams.
With the function from the Real Lights mod integrated into this mod, you can see different kinds of light such as blazing lights from lightning, warm yellow flames from candles, or mild beam from the sunset.

Final Words

So, we just went through the list of the top 20 mods for Oblivion Game.
All of these mods are light enough not to slow down the game’s loading speed. Hence, you can have fresh and more exciting game experiences without having to worry about your computer configuration.

We hope you will have fun with the new Oblivion.

Thanks for reading!


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