Top 20 Mods for Skyrim Game you will love

There are millions of Skyrim players in the world today. However, not all of them know about beautiful, trendy, and exciting mods in the game.

In this article, I have collected and created a list of top 20 mods for Skyrim games. They are all light and exciting mods for you to integrate with your Skyrim game without fearing to decrease your game FPS.

Find out information about these mods now to improve your gaming experience.

The top 20 Mods for Skyrim Checklist

1. Skyrim HD – 2K Textures

Skyrim HD – 2K Textures

This Skyrim mod brings about High Definition textures for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Nearly 700 textures and ordinary maps will look dramatically more beautiful than ever. Hence, players can enjoy real-life images in Skyrim.

There are two versions of the mod for you to choose: Full and Lite edition. Both versions will include all the dungeons, cities, landscape, and misc textures.
However, the Full edition keeps all the textures at the best resolution (around 8K). Meanwhile, the Lite edition can only bring about 1K to 4K images.

Link: Skyrim HD – 2K Textures


Right from its name, we know that this mod promises to enhance the user interface.
It will optimize the ability of players to use their keyboard and mouse as well as save the screen space. The mod will keep the default sections that are good enough, whereas it also develops the imperfect areas to a new level.

In this way, it can combine all the new and old components together and makes it comfortable for users.

After installing the mod, you can control all menus such as inventory, enchanting, crafting, alchemy much more easily. Besides, you can have a range of customizations and hotkeys for your own convenience.

As a bonus, the mod supports multiple languages so players from all around the world can enjoy the game in their mother tongues.

Link: SkyUI

3. Fores New Idles in Skyrim – FNIS

Fores New Idles in Skyrim – FNIS

Actually, this is a tool kit for you to create various animations for characters and creatures in Skyrim. The great point is that you can generate your own products then upload them to your game or the community.

To integrate unique animations into the game system, you will need to customize the default behavior files in the game folder.

Any mods utilizing FNIS will have animation menus to let FNIS insert different animations into Skyrim. Thereby, you can change all of your desired animations from furniture animations to attack, defense, motion, and so on.

Install the mod, make a few clicks and you can have surprising animations.

Link: Fores New Idles in Skyrim – FNIS

4. ApachiiSkyHair


This is a simple mod for you to change the hairstyles of any characters in Skyrim.
There are up to 216 new hairstyles for all genders and races. Whether the character is male or female, orc or elf, NPC or player, you can also design their hair fashionably.

All of the hairstyles included in the mod come from famous games such as Oblivion, Witcher, Sims, etc.

Besides, if you want, there will also be hairstyles going with helmets and even bald head. In this way, the mod is really useful for Skyrim’s players.

5. Immersive Armors

Immersive Armors

When it comes to Skyrim, we cannot help mentioning eye-catching armors. The mod provides you with a wide range of stylish armors, but they will blend into the original game environment without making you feel unnatural.

You will be surprised by new items spread all over the large world of Skyrim. Every land and level can bring about a completely new experience to players, which triggers their curiosity at the same time.

At present, the Immersive Armors mod covers 55 unique sets of armor (more than 60 if counting variants), hundreds of bonus helmets, nearly 400 new shields, and many other accessories such as capes, scarves, earrings, etc.

Moreover, you can craft, upgrade, enchant all of the above items when you get them via quest, rewards, leveled lists, placement in dungeons, etc.

The greatest thing about this mod is that it will continue to evolve in the future to refresh the game.

Link: Immersive Armors

6. aMidianBorn Book of Silence

aMidianBorn Book of Silence

The target of the mod author is to create premium-quality alternatives for Skyrim textures, pieces of equipment, landscapes, architectures, dungeons.

Furthermore, this great mod also offers high-resolution textures for many armors and weapons, a complete overhaul of landscape texture and covers caves mines, farmhouses, and forts.
Use of original game assets is minimal, limited to normal maps and just for equipment.
Texture has the same resolution as the high-resolution DLC pack from the game author.

For better compatibility, the author divided the mod into parts. Each part features an installer to let the user decide and customize content to install.

The mod supports DLC from Bethesda and is compatible with any other mods, mesh modifications for armor sets and weapons, body modification for either gender, basically everything.

Link: aMidianBorn Book of Silence

7. A Quality World Map and Solstheim Map – With Roads


A Quality World Map and Solstheim Map
A Quality World Map and Solstheim Map

For the first time, a beautiful flat map with custom art assets is available in Skyrim! You will be able to feel a vivid style and have a fresh look on the huger but more detailed world map as desired.

The mod even affects almost all roads and features a precise map of Solstheim. You can choose either Stone Roads or Flat Roads as you want.

In spite of the disabled tilt/zoom functions, you can still pan the camera when viewing the paper map.

In other words, the mod ensures that you can have both better visual experience and smoother map control.

Link: A Quality World Map and Solstheim Map – With Roads

8. Climates Of Tamriel – Weather – Lighting – Audio

Climates Of Tamriel – Weather – Lighting – Audio

With this mod, you will get all kinds of weather overhauled and remastered.
It will add the following effects to your Skyrim game:
● A redesigned sky mesh.
● A massive 506 unique weather systems
● 2024 unique stunning days, nights, sunrises, and sunsets.
● New high-quality cloud textures creating realistic skies
● Individual atmospheric conditions to each of the seven climates
● Fork lighting visuals to the sky above
● Auroras that move across the night sky
● New thunder sound
● New sun and sun glare
● New and unique lighting created entirely from scratch
● Natural atmospheric and fantasy lighting techniques
● Realistic nights
In addition, you can:
● Customize your game with three presets (Vanilla, Hazardous or Hardcore);
● Adjust your Skyrim nights with the choice of three night levels;
● Change your interiors with three presets (Vanilla, warm or cold);
● Experience Skyrim as a cold, harsh, and brutal environment.

Link: Climates Of Tamriel – Weather – Lighting – Audio

9. Static Mesh Improvement Mod – SMIM

Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM
Static Mesh Improvement Mod – SMIM

SMIM is a vast project to optimize the graphics of unlimited motionless 3D patterns in Skyrim. In general, it will prettify all the landscapes, clutters, furniture, and architectures remarkably.

No more ugly and boring 3D models which reduce your experience in the game.
After a long developing time, the mod has made thousands of low-quality patterns look nicer.
Nonetheless, it is still evolving day by day.

Link: Static Mesh Improvement Mod – SMIM

10. Skyrim Flora Overhaul

Skyrim Flora Overhaul
Skyrim Flora Overhaul

In the world of Skyrim, you can see trees, grasses, flowers, and many other plants everywhere.
Therefore, wherever you are, the flora graphic will always play an essential role in the overall graphic of the game. And this mod is specifically suitable for anyone who loves plants and nature.

Everything related to plants, including grasses, leaves, shades, and so on will become realistic and vivid beyond your expectation.
Meanwhile, the mod is not too heavy for you to enjoy the game.

Link: Skyrim Flora Overhaul

11. Cloaks of Skyrim

loaks of Skyrim
Cloaks of Skyrim

Brave yourself! More than one hundred fashionable cloaks are coming to your world of Skyrim.
You can get these cloaks through looting, crafting, or leveled-lists. All of them are lore-friendly as well as appealing. Moreover, the quantity is growing bigger in each update.
Also, the cloaks will protect your characters from the freezing weather in not only the Frostfall but also Hypothermia mods.

During your journeys, you will see NPCs wearing special cloaks, and you can also stumble on them when you loot around.
The cloaks will take up slot 46 so that you can wear them without removing any items.

Link: Cloaks of Skyrim

12. Immersive Weapons

Immersive Weapons
Immersive Weapons

The number of weapons in Skyrim is already huge. But how it will be if you even add more excellent weapons to your collection?

Try it now with the Immersive Weapons mod.

You will manage to skyrocket the number of weapons in the game in a lore-friendly way. In

other words, every bonus weapon will undoubtedly blend into the lore.

Thereby, you can have a greater range of choices without spoiling your natural feel of the game. You can meet new powerful weapons beginning from level one up to level fifty and over.
The Immersive Weapons mod consists of plenty of weapons. Nevertheless, they all fit into the basic weapon categories with names derived from real historical weapons such as Dadao, Nodachi, Claymore, Cutlass, Halberd, and so on.

Furthermore, they are all enchantable, craftable, and upgradable as you wish. You can find them via sellers, leveled lists, placement onto particular characters, or in the dungeons.
At present, this mod has successfully added 230 new weapons, but the number is going to increase in the future!

Link: Immersive Weapons

13. UFO – Ultimate Follower Overhaul

Ultimate Follower Overhaul
Ultimate Follower Overhaul

The UFO mod is a tool kit which provides improvements to the followers system. In this way,

you are able to control and use followers better.

The work will be so simple that you can even use it without reading the tutorial.
Also, it creates new and extended follower options as well as repairs broken items in Vanilla.
You can assure that it can be compatible with nearly all kinds of mods.

With this mod, you will manage to:
● Use dialogue to interact and manage your followers (relax, learn the spell, train, etc.)
● View the current statistics of followers with and without bonuses from equipment.
● Increase the maximum number of followers.
● Ride and equip gears on horses to travel faster.
● Have followers engage in combat in particular circumstances.
● Marry flagged followers.
● So on.

Without any doubt, this is the best mod for Skyrim players to interact with their followers and have lifelike game experience.

Link: UFO – Ultimate Follower Overhaul

14. Realistic Ragdolls and Force

Realistic Ragdolls and Force
Realistic Ragdolls and Force

You can get this mod to reduce the extra force used on ragdolls to an appropriate level.
Additionally, it will substitute ragdolls in order that they can deform vividly and fall down more quickly while increasing friction to adjust ragdoll slipping.
There will be two modified categories:
● Ragdolls will get less forced with various force options for you to select. Thereby, they can look more real.
● Arrows will not drive bodies faraway if killed by invisible damage.
● Melee hits have vivid impacts on ragdoll.
● Magic will not push human 20 feet away.
● All limbs of ragdolls decrease in hardness by increasing their distortion levels. Hence, this also removes all odd poses.
● Almost all ragdolls increase their weights to achieve true-to-life fall velocity
● Ragdolls now have greater infriction to avoid ice-like gliding.
Believe me: you will be surely interested in this unique mod.

Link: Realistic Ragdolls and Force

15. Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim

Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim

This is among the most well-known magic pack of Skyrim with more than 150 new balanced and unique spells. Apart from lore-friendliness, the mod brings about premium-quality animations and integrates perfectly with the Vanilla spell system.

Besides, you will be able to learn new spells via scrolls and staves (bought from stores or looted around).

The mod will take up minimal script load so you will not have to worry about FPS reduction.
In addition to Scroll Only Spells, there will be 31 spells for all schools:
● Alteration
● Conjuration
● Destruction
● Illusion
● Restoration

These spells are available at all levels ranging from Novice, Apprentice, Adept, Expert to Master.

All of the above magics are also available to NPCs. Nevertheless, you may need the help of an additional tool that passes your load order and creates a mod file to distribute spells from each mod to particular NPC.
In this case, I suggest that you can use ASIS.
You may not believe, but a few clicks can turn you into the mightiest wizard in the Skyrim history.

Link: Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim

16. HDT Physics Extensions

HDT Physics Extensions
HDT Physics Extensions

The mod utilizes the current Havok physics engine to make great changes in Skyrim. You can make every character in the game more sexy and beautiful with smooth hair, sweet dresses, or even bobbing boobs.

The first time the author of Skyrim introduced it, the Havok physics engine could only have a few limited effects on something spread around such as corpses, weird skulls, or a room loaded with various weapons.

As you wish a cape which will be waving while you move, it will be an animation specifying the motion.

This HDT Physics Extension mod promises to solve all the animation-related issues by applying the physics engine which is actually a part of the game system.
Via a number of innovative use of SKSE, the mod author brings about a range of tools to make physical things in the game more interactive apart from being responsive to the world around them.

A long hair can flow in the back of a woman, a gown can flutter in all directions, and the boobs can bounce off and react if touched. All of those real-life effects will appear in your game with a single mod.

Link: HDT Physics Extensions

17. Alternate Start – Live Another Life

Alternate Start - Live Another Life
Alternate Start – Live Another Life

Your life goes into a dead end and can’t be saved? Around you are only the four walls of a cold dungeon, and you cannot even see the light or know the date?
What else can you do? You will have no choice but restart everything from the beginning, and begin a new beautiful life.

It will be effortless for you. Install this mod now in your Skyrim game folder.
The Live Another Life mod supplies you with a fresh way to begin the game. Of course, you will not have to waste time passing all of the long intro sequences from Helgen.

Instead, you will have the right to select your race and lead your character in an entirely new life. As a bonus, you manage to have plenty of choices.

However, remember that your decisions will determine your life forever. Therefore, be careful if you do not want everything in your life to be a series of misery again.
Also, you can receive bonus support to enjoy extended Live Another Life with your particular beginnings.

Link: Alternate Start – Live Another Life

18. Enhanced Lights and FX


Enhanced Lights and FX
Enhanced Lights and FX

The objective of this mod is to bring about a more epic and vivid effect on the light and environment in Skyrim. There will be a lot of visual effects such as waterdrop, fog, light volumes, and so on.
You can feel that this kind of redesign light is extremely useful when you come in dark interior areas.

Below will be some outstanding features of the mod:
● Any light sources will be able to produce light, including the interior windows.
● New smoke FX from candles.
● Each Inn and city with their own settings based on its local weather.
● Enhance the contrast between day and night indoors.
● Lightweight so lossless FPS.
● Darker interior environments.
● Improve contrast and saturation.
● Darken abandoned houses.
● Adjust outdoor light alternatives and fx.
● Additional friendly light placements.
If you are a fan of epic films, this mod is for you.

Link: Enhanced Lights and FX

19. Enhanced Character Edit

Enhanced Character Edit
Enhanced Character Edit

In general, the mod provides you with a lot of new sliders, head details, natural makeup colors, and a bonus race.
To specify, there will be over 50 new sliders except for beast race and the Vanilla slider is now 150% broader.

The new sliders will include color sliders, facial expression sliders
In addition, there will be extended skin, hair, war-paint, head details such as eyes, nose, lips, and so on.

You can also zoom, change the brightness level, adjust maps, FOV, and camera direction.
What’s more, Undo/Redo options are available with a record so that player can be freer to be creative with their character design.

Link: Enhanced Character Edit

20. The Dance of Death – A Killmove Mod

The Dance of Death - A Killmove Mod
The Dance of Death – A Killmove Mod

If you are seeking for monumental kill moves mod, this is all of what you need. User-friendliness and total control over your kill moves are all available for all current version of DLC!
Overall, the Dance of Death adds many noticeable and unique kill moves to a plethora of melee combat styles in the game, and a mod settings menu.

You can have
● Kill move Chance
● Decapitation Chance
● Last Enemy Restriction
● Perk Restriction System
● Player Killmove Immunity
● Forced Perspective

When highlighted, every set will have a description section under the menu explaining how to use the setting. You will have all the changes made to these values saved between gaming sessions.
Furthermore, each of your characters is able to have a unique set of the mod. Therefore, you will not have to waste time changing the settings when switching between your characters.
Besides, you can continually get new kill moves by acquiring specific perks related to the kinds of weapon integrated with them.

Link: The Dance of Death – A Killmove Mod

Final Words

Finally, we have just passed the list of top 20 mods for Skyrim Game. However, before you download and install your favorite mods, I recommend that you should take a closer look to see whether they match the configuration of your computer.
Or else, they may crash the games and cause incompatible problems.
Thanks for reading!

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