VASARA Collection – Fire and Thrive from the Sky

The melee combat game genre on the aircraft is no longer strange to the passionate gamers with this type of antagonism. However, the VASARA Collection has been upgraded to the game mode which is modern and competitive to the old melee attacking games.

With this two-player game, you will be extremely comfortable when playing with your friends after stressful moments. This game promises to bring you many interesting experiences.


VASARA Collection – Fire and Thrive from the Sky

Your main task in the game is to fight against battleships, tanks, giant robots and a demon army that try to attack and destroy you. You can both fight and extirpate enemy troops on the ground and in the air.
Let’s play to the final to defeat the boss. This game is currently available on various gaming platforms such as Laptop, PC or PlayStation 4.

How to play

VASARA has a typical playing style using a two-button system to attack.
The first button helps players shoot regularly. This type of ammunition has little points of damage, but any player who wants ammunition with greater damage must undergo this first ammunition.
Your attack can be continued by holding down the button. Melee attacking can help you inflict damage to enemies and deflect any bullets that block the way.

The second button releases bullets that cause higher damage, such as a bomb that can kill small enemies and deal damage to larger enemies.

Besides, VASARA watches are also an effective attack. VASARA watches can be filled by collecting items dropped by enemies. When the VASARA watch is full, hold down the main button for a certain amount of time and then release. This attack causes a tremendous amount of damage to all enemies.

Final Thought

With this two-player game genre, you can play with your friends after stressful moments. VASARA Collection is a game created by a Japanese manufacturer, so the game is Japanese style with image and sound characteristics.
Currently, the manufacturer is looking forward to receiving feedback from players to upgrade this version so all your comments are valuable.

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VASARA Collection – Fire and Thrive from the Sky

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