Dying Light is still in Techland’s development plan

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In recent years, the development of gaming technology facilitates many of the games that possess high-quality graphics systems and depth content has been released.

Standing next to the ‘big men’ of zombie games like Resident Evil 2 and Days Gone, Techland’s Dying Light still has its own vitality thanks to the difference from the rest.

Dying Light is a game with a combination of survival and horror. Besides, the game is built with the first-person perspective in an open world way. Dying Light marks the partnership between Techland Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. In January 2015, the game was officially released on 4 platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and quickly collected many positive comments.

Dying Light has created an interesting content in which the player will act as an undercover agent named Kyle Crane. He is sent to Harran City, which has become a quarantine area because a strange virus turns people into zombies. He will have to try to survive and regain the cure for the whole city from the boss of a bandit in the city.

The main character Kyle Crane

The difference in Dying Light is the blend of parkour with zombie survival. Along with that, the system is diversified up to 100 types and when combined to create different weapons that number can be up to 1000.

Techland brings a new life to Dying Land

Techland’s beliefs for Dying Light

“Dying Light 2 is ready for release.” That is a sharp affirmation from Techland’s representative. This has sparked the worries of many loyal fans of the original Dying Light.

Many questions have been directed towards Techland. Will they still be devoted to this game or focus their efforts on new products?

But recently, we have been able to predict some of Techland’s future plans for Dying Light. The lead designer of Techland Tymon Smektala affirmed that the original game has never been forgotten


He said there are two reasons to continue developing this game with more content. According to Tymon Smektala, the first reason Techland continues to develop Dying Light is that they really believe that this game is an important part of the player community to come to Part 2.

In addition, the lead designer adds that improving the original version will be an opportunity for his team to continue to create as well as try something a little crazier. Changes in gameplay that they are uncertain and need a place to test for example.

Now there is a small group of game designers and programmers who are working to further develop content for the game. According to reputable game websites, Dying Light still achieved the dream sales of a game that has now reached its fourth year.

Besides, this game continued to grow because it was not only the basis for the player with Kyle Crane to enter the second part but also the ‘laboratory’ in which Tymon Smektala and his colleagues could Test new features and new mechanisms that can appear in Dying Light 2. It won’t cause much damage if the updates are not well received.

New points may appear in Dying Light soon

By continuing to develop the original game, we can see Techland’s ambition. So what can we expect? Smektala does not disclose anything about what content may be added but the scope of the adjustment may be very w


More new weapons appeared to add to Dying Light‘s already very diverse weapons system. This will be a very important step for part 2.

Besides, it may be more difficult with new challenging missions and the expansion of the map.


What new things will appear in Dying Light in the upcoming upgrade? Maybe Techland and the time will give us the answer. But if you want to experience a frightful zombie game, this is the right time. Come and hunt with Kyle Crane!

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