Never Give Up – Get your brain to work

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Considered as an excellent follow up from the original game by the public,Never Give Up is a brutal yet entertaining game. For anyone who is up for challenges, this game will satisfy you as there are endless levels with increasing difficulty.

As a sequel to the game Give Up, this new version is developed by Massive Monster and Armor Games. Despite having a relatively simple concept, you’ll be surprised at how hard this game actually is.


Never Give Up – Get your brain to work

Never Give Up includes about 250 levels that are split across many locations for you to enjoy. When playing, you’ll come across many different settings such as the basement, the city, crystal caverns, and more.

Your job is to never give up as you get presented with a series of challenging tasks. Though it may seem easy at first, the rooms progressively get harder as you go further into the game. One may find the level of difficulty infuriating.
However, that’s all part of the thrill of the game.


You have the choice to pick your difficulty level. The first one is easy, which means there are checkpoints in between levels, so you don’t have to go back to the beginning. The second option will send you back to the beginning of the game if you fail to pass the level, meaning you have to re-do everything all over again.

You’ll face many different obstacles such as traps, lasers, bombs, charging rhinos, and basically anything that will blow you into many small chunks. With the option to run, slide, or jump, you have to try and survive as many levels as you can without feeling the urge to press the give up button.

The game features a leaderboard to act as a motivation for players not to give up. After completing a level, you’ll receive a rating and a chance to earn collectibles. If you give up on a level, you’ll get disqualified from the leaderboard, and your collectibles for that level will be taken away.


As a fast-paced game that offers highly entertaining and incredibly challenging levels, Never Give Up is a brutal game that doesn’t seem to get easier. Despite the hardcore nature.
If you’re someone who enjoys a tough challenge, you’ll definitely have a great time when playing this game!

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