The opportunity to own armor 2.0 sets at Destiny 2: The Shadow

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Before coming to the hot news about the biggest event of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, let me explore the features of this highly-rated game.

Destiny 2: The Shadowkeep is the fourth expansion pack of the original game, Destiny 2. The game will be released by Bungie on the first days of October 2019, after the company acquires independent production from the publisher.

Activision Action Game retains the genre of shooting style from a first-person perspective. With the graphics system very impressive, though still a hidden number but Shadowkeep has been gaining a lot of sympathy from the gaming community.

Impressive poster from publisher Bungie

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep takes players into space with a journey to explore the Moon, Mars (‘Black Garden’) and many other asteroids. With many different game modes such as PvE, PvP, … and the fictional equipment system, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep promises to be a shooting game that storms the market in the near future.

Diverse battlefield systems were built by Bungi

Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes – a real challenge for players who want to get armor 2.0 sets

Overview of Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes

The event will take place starting from July 30 to August 27. This is a heavy affirmation from Bungie publisher for Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes event – the biggest event ever there.

In one month of the event, Armor 2.0 sets are extremely valuable rewards than perhaps any player must dream of joining Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. And Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes event is a great opportunity when the event’s final destination is armor.

You enter the event with a unique outfit and weapon system but when you step out, it will be Helmets, Arms, Chests, Boots at the Majestic level if you make an effort.

It is worth considering that the armor you achieve in this event will be compatible with the Armor system in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep when it comes out. The publisher Bungie stated that if you get armor now, you will get a similar armor from Gunsmith when you join the game. What’s more amazing is to start exploring Shadowkeep with a powerful armor 2.0 set.

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What can players do to get armor 2.0 set át Destiny 2: The Shadow?

At the start of the event, the player will be given the gift by a publisher for a Solstice of Heroes armor set. However, this armor set is in the “Drain” state (meaning that it is still very primitive and cannot be fully utilized


To get that armor set to “Renewed” status, the player needs to complete many of the obstacles that are installed into each piece of the armor.

This helps players get used to Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes event, about the tasks they must do to reach the final destination.

After the initial armor set is given, the player will have the opportunity to receive an armor at the Majestic level as well as unlock the Masterwork Version if it can overcome the next obstacle. Pretty hard, isn’t it?

Majestic Sets

For each day of the event, one of the three elements Solar, Arc or Void is featured. You will be able to win the Elemental Orbs when you have yourself the Elemental Kills. Elemental Orbs are very important ingredients so you can upgrade your armor. Also, when you get 30 Elemental Orbs that match the main element during the day you will have the opportunity to get outstanding improvements in battle (known as “Buff”)

Solar, Arc or Void
  • SOLAR ELEMENTAL BUFF: Players will be surrounded by an energy protection class that can cause damage to surrounding enemies.
  • VOID ELEMENTAL BUFF: The player will gain Crouch’s ability to become invisible and Truesight to enhance his recovery ability
  • ARC ELEMENTAL BUFF: Players will have the ability to move more quickly with the ability to cause greater damage when melee.

It is worth noting that these additional features will only last for a short time and are not applicable in Competitive Play or Gambit Prime.

But this is a very clever move by Bungie broadcasters to direct the player’s attention to the European Aerial Zone – the area that will also help players gain more spoils to perfect their 2.0 armor.

European Aerial Zone – a new battleground for players

Unlike the previous events that have been organized around missions, Bungie has been very successful this time to create a whole new battle area called European Aerial Zone.

European Aerial Zone (EAZ) includes 3-player battles against Hive, Cabal, or Fallen enemies. Your mission is to destroy as many enemies as possible. Those enemies are minibosses.

When the time against the minibosses ends, it’s time to face The Final Boss. Try to win The Final Boss because then the number of minibosses you destroy is really valuable. The more minibosses are destroyed, the more valuable your reward is.

The treasure chests you receive will contain Solstice Packages. These Solstice Packages can be opened with the Solstice Key Fragments that you receive through the event participation process.

Rare gear from Solstice Packages
Legendary gear from Solstice Packages
Armor 2.0 Sets

So, what’s in these chests? Don’t miss it because it’s Rare and Legendary gear, Enhancement Cores, Matrials. That’s right, friend. Don’t miss it because there won’t be any chance to own such powerful 2.0 armor sets easily anymore!

Destiny 2: The Shadow Conclusion

Do you love the shooter genre? Come to Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. But if you want to be a legendary gunman, don’t miss the chance of owning something that can give you tremendous power – 2.0 set of armor, soak up with Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes event right now.

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