The weekly update schedule is a tough challenge for PUBG Corp

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In recent years, game production has truly become an industry. Along with that, the player’s tastes are increasingly enhanced and elusive. That requires the creation of really good quality games and impressions that can exist in the market. From graphics to gameplay. And PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a game that meets all the elements of a blockbuster game.

Launched with Fortnite, a shooting game has also confirmed its name worldwide, but PUBG gives players unique charisma. PUBG is also a survival-built shooter where players can choose their playstyle from a first-person perspective (FPS) or a third perspective (TPS


The game was developed and released by PUBG Corporation, a branch of the Bluehole game publisher of Korea on December 20, 2017, on two main platforms, Microsoft and Xbox One. So far, PUBG has released a version for mobiles (PUBG mobile) and continues to reap much success.

In terms of content, one thing that will surprise many players is PUBG, which was inspired by the 2000 film ‘Battle Royale’. PUBG gives players the ease of getting used to, approaching and participating in games. When the player presses the Start button is also the time a survival battle is opened. There are many in-game modes from Solo, Duo to Squad for players to easily choose.

But the goal of each match is to fight for life and become the last man or the last team standing. Each game begins with a series of parachute players from the plane to the map area of ​​their choice.

When they land, they need to quickly find and loot the equipment pre-installed in the game to fight with others. After a certain time, the battlespace of the game will be narrowed. And finally, as mentioned, when joining PUBG Lite PC, you must Fight to Survive.

Weekly Updates – Challenge for PUBG Corp’s creativity

Find out reasons for the weekly update schedule of PUBG Corp

There is a slogan in the game industry that is “Creative or Eliminated”. More than anyone else, PUBG Corp understands that. But it seems that even though PUBG is 2 years old and so far, the player has undergone four seasons with more or fewer changes but that still doesn’t make PUBG Corp feel satisfied.

Perhaps more than anyone they understand the psychology of players. Not only manufacturers, players always want to find new things. For the main game mode of PUBG, the plot of each game revolves around the battle for survival of 100 players in 4 familiar maps.

Firepower, as well as the defensive armor of each player, is built on the prototype of the real-life military combat weapons. These are AKM, M416, M762, Kar98, M24, AWN … These are the helmet, the military armor, are Buggy cars, armored vehicles. Even the images of AirDrop released from the sky were built in great detail.

But answer me honestly this question. Have you ever seen any of the above images boring? Throughout the day parachuting in Bootcamp (map Sanhok) do you feel too familiar? Do you want to search for an M416 every day or rush to loot your hearing to find a set of 3 level armor and an AWM g


PUBG Corp understands that. They want to change quickly after every week. And then they can’t keep up with the speed they set. PUBG Corp studio director Brian Corrigan talked about the efforts of the designers of PUBG Corp to patch the game or simply bring something new. But in the end, he and his colleagues realized, one week was not enough for the changes.

PUBG Corp! Just be yourself and don’t run after anything

For a time, PUBG Corp fell into a crisis of ideas to pursue the weekly update schedule they set. Try looking at Fortnite. This is also a shooting game with tremendous success globally. They have the speed to update game details, patches very quickly. But a real sharing from the Epic Games staff, Fortnite’s publisher, is too much change that makes game makers seem overwhelmed. Not only that, the continuous update makes even players can’t adapt. Fortnite became a stranger to even passionate fans.

PUBG players need a change but do not want a strange game product after each week of play. Recently, the weekly update schedule of PUBG Corp has become the monthly update schedule or the seasonally update schedule. Meaning PUBG Corp studio director Brian Corrigan and his colleagues considered a more long-term plan. Designs, changes, or more carefully calculated patches to update the game, it will be a surprise for people to wait for


Recently on PUBG’s official website, the publisher has updated the new version of PC Update 4.1 Patch Notes with many important changes.

Do you feel curious? Join in PUBG and feel



The change is necessary if PUBG wants to compete with other shooting games and give themselves a bigger market share. But the speed of change is also something that PUBG Corp needs to calculate. What is waiting for the player ahead? Let PUBG Corp answer that question.

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