Adam – Lost Memories – The most realistic and detailed review


Adam – Lost Memories

Many of us are fans of horror games, but almost nobody knows about the real-life psychological trauma that inspired their authors.
In the Adam – Lost Memories game, Adam Dubi created game stages based on his own experience. This game where you play as the author has become one of the scariest horror games this year.

Adam – Lost Memories Review

As you play Adam – Lost Memories, you will gradually find out the stories happening to Adam when he was a kid. In other words, it means to tell you how it would feel if you were growing up in a “hell” family.

You will play in the role of a mental patient who regularly suffers from chaos in your mind. However, the game does not only simulate walking and depend on jump-scares. Instead, the game provides its player with an immersive experience from the first-person view.

In spite of based on the mental illnesses of the author, the game creates a physical world in which you manage to interact with anything you see. Thereby, you can solve the puzzles in the game in many creative ways.

Besides, like any other horror game, the sound system of the game is very well-designed and noticeable. The professional actor Isaak Wells will narrate a terrifying story with a creepy voice.

Moreover, the 3D sound and the original music by the game author will even enhance the game effect in chilling your neck.

Brave yourself before launching the game. You are going to have the most fearful experience.


Sharing your own mental sickness and the panic in your mind is really a challenge, but Adam did well. As a result, a number of gamers can understand the feeling of the author when he was on a path of self-destruction.

They will know how hard he found a solution to solve his spiritual issues or a way to express himself.
I am so sure that you will manage to feel a realistic and original personal story of the author deeply, which can change your point of view dramatically.

If you like horror games and want to know more about children abuse, this game is the perfect choice for you.

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Adam – Lost Memories – The most realistic and detailed review

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