At Home Alone II – What’s going on being home alone

At Home Alone II is a mini-game that is worth playing when you are home alone. The main character is a girl at home alone and has many mandatory tasks she must do. With simple music and images, the game is a gentle way of entertainment but does not lose attractiveness.

At Home Alone II – What’s going on being home alone


At Home Alone II is a gently entertaining mini-game. You will play the role of a little girl and wander around the house to do the task. Where are her parents? What will she do at home alone?
There are secrets that only when she is home alone will she find out. and all the strange stories can be revealed during the discovery process.

How to play

Day 1

Your task is to interact with everything around until you hear the bell knocking on someone’s door. You will meet the red-haired boy and invite him to the house, talk to him and give him the cake in the fridge.
Soon after, heard the doorbell again. And this time, you will meet the brother of a child and the girl with a dog. Your request is to talk to them until they leave.

Day 2

Just like the first day, you will also meet the red-haired boy and give him the cake. Soon after you meet the brother of the child. And the strange thing happened was that he didn’t leave like the last time but instead went into your house.
Immediately, you hear someone screaming for a few seconds. You must quickly leave your room and find help.

Day 3

Just like the days before, you will still meet the red-haired boy. This time you will let him enter the house and play with you. You go down to the kitchen and get the cake for the boy as always and accompany the saying “”play after dinner””.
Go to the backyard then go to the kitchen, trying to open the right drawer and take out the gun. Now the real secrets are revealed.

Final Thought

At Home Alone II is a very simple mini-game that is worth looking for. What is the feeling of being home alone?
Who will be by your side when you need them most? All will be answered in At Home Alone II.

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At Home Alone II – What’s going on being home alone

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