Button Button Up – Jump higher and Get more fun

Jump, jump and jump. That’s all you have to do to win the game. Game soundtracks are the prevailing electronic music version, which is also a part of the game that is easily accessible to young players.

Button Button Up allows players to use their resources to help their partners overcome obstacles and different lasers for glory.


Button Button Up is a combination of a single player to cooperate and fight. The game allows you to dance on exciting electronic music, besides this game also allows you to play new mechanisms.

Your skills are things you can use at will, including slowing down laser obstacles, using other functions to avoid or move dangerous lasers of the same color as yourself.

How to play

The play style of the game is extremely unique. Four-color buttons represent 4 different levels. Besides, the maps in the game are also carefully designed with each map corresponding to the different playing mechanisms and different decoders.

When playing through a level, you can get different small gifts. The collection of these small gifts allows you to exchange many other similar items.

The core is that you have to overcome the laser obstacles that the game poses for you. It allows you to change the button shape to cover your teammates through many obstacles because this game allows two players to play.

You must pass three double check points, each checkpoint has a boss and you must overcome it. When you meet a difficult level, remember that you have friends beside you, ask for their help. This game allows you to use the keyboard or handle to complete the unique challenge mode.

Main features

● Three modes of experience and practice
● Retro pixel style
● Great collaboration between teammates
● Hard checkpoints
● Steam achievements, Cloud Storage, and Interchange Cards

Final Thoughts

Button Button Up is a connection between players who play in a supportive way and help, so teamwork is very high. Your continuous jumping, jumping and jumping over checkpoints help you increase your sharp reflexes very effectively.
Button Button Up button is currently available on platforms such as PC, Laptop or PlayStation 4, etc. Join Button Button Up now to experience the interesting things it brings.

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Button Button Up – Jump higher and Get more fun

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