Electronic Super Joy 2 game – Jump for Joy

Music titles are always fun for players because of the wonderful sounds that come from your steps. With the era of electronic music in vogue, this kind of music is being used to put in games because young people like it. Your tasks in Electronic Super Joy 2 is to run, dance skillfully and complete tasks on endless music



Electronic Super Joy 2 game – Jump for Joy

There is a legend that says Mega-Satan has a precious butt cast from pure gold. and when one occupies this precious butt, they will have wishes. The requirement for the player is to steal this butt to gain glory. But having glory is not easy. You must master gestures like running, jumping, and beating to pass levels from easy to difficult to accomplish these goals.

How to play

Your mission is to run, jump and beat skillfully to overcome all 55 levels of play from easy to difficult. There are open spaces that you can comfortably run, but there are also tight and rugged spaces that make you unable to move freely, they force you to jump to avoid giant monsters, missiles, and secret areas.

For things that can be beaten, use your jumps to smash it. Electronic Super Joy 2 is placed in the electronic music platform very suitable for today’s youth, so it is very popular.

You will have to go through 4 intense boss battles and extremely difficult. Your last mission is to steal the butt of Mega-Satan, earn love and kill Slime-Daddy’s Santa because he has become crazy and has eaten all the reindeer swarms.

Key Features

● Winning 55 levels
● Extra challenges, secret levels, alternative paths, and collectibles
● Enjoy 38 famous soundtracks
● Use your shotgun and fight through FPS
● More than 8 hours of gameplay
● 4 boss fights

Final Thought

These genre games have become very popular for young people because they have been around for a long time. But the graphical improvements in addition to the popular electronic music have somewhat renewed the game’s play style.
Gestures of running, jumping, rotating in Electronic Super Joy 2 can make you increase your reflexes quickly. Let’s give it a try!

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Electronic Super Joy 2 game – Jump for Joy

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