Eliza – Journey to discover the novel of future life

Technology era 4.0 has come to the application of science and technology widely applied in every aspect, every area of the present life.

This factor has been taken advantage of by the Zachtronics game maker in its latest product: Eliza – a visual novel about the lives of people in the new era with elements of artificial intelligence (AI) is subtly knit.



Eliza is a visual novel game developed and developed by Zachtronics, which was released on August 12, 2019, on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms.
A visual novel game is a type of game where from layout to character and graphics, all arranged as a novel. But the special point here is that the storyline is developed by the player during the game experience.

Eliza revolves around the story of Evelyn Ishino-Aubrey – a SKANDHA technology engineer – a health-care company in Seattle. After achieving great success in the high-tech field, Evelyn suddenly disappeared and interrupted all communication with the surrounding life.

Three years later, she returned to work for SKANDHA when the company successfully developed Eliza – a customer care program using AI technology. Evelyn becomes the human proxy for Eliza with the task of conveying scripts given by Eliza to customers. This opens new chapters in Evelyn’s life.
What is waiting for Evelyn ahead? Please answer that question through your decisions in the game.

How to play

In Eliza, you will play an orientation role for Evelyn through each decision in each specific situation: when meeting new employees in the company, when consulting clients with Eliza or when meeting old friends …

The gameplay is very simple when you just click on the answer you want Evelyn to do in every situation. Think and choose accordingly because they are directly affecting the life of the main character in the game.

Eliza helps players realize possible future possibilities with the appearance and replacement of more and more people of machines. But more than that, Evelyn’s volatile past and complex psychology is also what really makes you suffer.

Eliza is arranged into chapters. Each chapter will be an aspect of Evelyn’s work, present life, past … waiting for players to explore.
Besides, Zachtronics is very creative when they built in Eliza many game cards so that players can entertain whenever they want.


● The plot of a future world hides the life of a separate person
● The graphics system is vivid, stimulating the speculation of the player
● Easily understood and attractive guides.


Eliza brings you experiences about the life of a person in the future. Are you ready to challenge yourself with such a life? Please come to Eliza so you can answer that question yourself.

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Eliza – Journey to discover the novel of future life

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