Neckbeardia – The nostalgic game for the matured


Neckbeardia is a 2D role-playing game (RPG) that involves katanas, fedoras, and showing your respect to M’ladies. As a huge reference to an internet subculture called neckbeard, the game should be taken lightheartedly.

Based around a popular meme in the form of a classical RPG adventure, it’s jam-packed with lots of fun,

jokes and popular internet references.

One more thing, this game requires you to have an IQ level of 300+ to understand all the nuances and subtleties of this fine piece of art.

So, if you want to have a bit of fun and consider yourself to be a meme connoisseur, put on your fedora and journey through the land of Neckbeardia as you rescue the M’ladies!

What is Neckbeard?

In order to enjoy the neckbeard, one must first understand what a Neckbeard is. According to Wikipedia, “Neckbeard is a pejorative term and stereotype for men who exhibit characteristics such as social awkwardness, underachievement or pretentiousness.”

Any man can exhibit traits lying under the neckbeard stereotype. But have you wondered where the name was derived from?

When social media such as Facebook first appeared, people found it to be a convenient way to share photos and make friends on the internet.

However, there have been several cases of these men being creepy to female social media users by sending flirting texts.

As soon as when the female shows less interest, the “nice guy” would quickly turn 180 degrees and unhesitantly blame the lady for not liking them. Coincidentally, most of these guys have a neckbeard in their profile picture and are usually overweight.


Famous for their bitter attitude towards rejection and socially awkward demeanor, they all share the same type of interest. Whether it be comic books, katanas, Dungeons & Dragons, anime or an extremely political view, now you know how to detect a neckbeard.

As a concept slowly exposed to the public, many people have caught on and now, men with neckbeards that approach girls have turned into a theatrical meme.

Everything about the Neckbeard culture and memes is present in Neckbeardia. The name of characters, the dialogues, everything is there for a reason. And, the idea is to poke fun at the culture. If you’ve understood the name and the references, let’s move on and talk about the game itself!

Overview of the game

The gigantic world of Neckbeardia is made up of three parts: The Friendzone, Dew Mountains, and the Chadlands. Each place represents the stages that a neckbeard might have to go through in their lives.
While traveling to those places, you get tested to see if you are strong enough to stay in the Friendzone, or will you prevail and make it to the Dew Mountain? Are you brave enough to face against your biggest fear, chads, at the Chadland?


The environment of the game is beautifully created as the hand-drawn 2D texture illustrations appropriately reflect the tone and mood of each area.

When stepping foot in the jungle of Friendzone, you’ll get surrounded by nothing but layers of trees and grass. The feeling of loneliness radiates heavily into the atmosphere.

There will be no one to walk up there with you because as a neckbeard, you’re superior and no one dares to seek enlightenment but you.

But once you’ve come down to the Chadlands, there will be a lot of people. Even though there are so many people around, you would still feel lonely and struggle to have meaningful conversations with them. Their simpleton minds won’t be able to comprehend your intellectual thinking.

Fight Like a Neckbeard

In a world where people are inferior, and women are disrespected continuously by the chads, a neckbeard’s protection is duly required.

In Neckbeardia, you will fight bizarre characters with even more bizarre weapons, such as katanas. Challenge enemies in classic RPG turn-based combat battles, claim victory, and earn massive rewards.


After every battle, you will earn good boy points and upgrade your ability! If that is not enough, you can even modify your weapons with more powerful equipment.

Soon enough, you will master the blade, and could even take out your enemies from behind. “Heh, nothing personal, kiddo.”

Make New Friends… and Enemies

The land of Neckbeardia could be quite hostile. People will try to express their opinions, argue with you, and tell you to stop bothering that girl whom you’ve been stalking. However, during the chaos, other neckbeards also share your problem.

These are the people who prefer to keep things to themselves. They share your extreme political views. And, like you, they will go out of their way to respect beautiful ladies.

The friends you make on your way will follow you on the journey. They will aid and provide support during combat. And as long as you and your friends stay woke all the time, nothing will be able to stop you.


When there is good, there is also evil. To you, the evil that you will face in Neckbeardia are the Chads. These Chads are the only obstacles between you and M’ladies. They are your biggest enemies, ones that you will encounter very often.

Because, no matter which lady you try to be nice to, there will always be a chad that will be rude and offensive to m’lady. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Know the difference between a true neckbeard and a pretentious chad.


Even though the game has yet to be released, Neckbeardia is promising to be a solid and fun release for a 2D classic RPG game. Everything you need for a good game is there – fun combat system, exploration, and role-playing.

On top of that, the Neckbeard theme is just the icing on the cake. Nothing could deliver the neckbeard meme better than an RPG game like Neckbeardia.

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Neckbeardia – The nostalgic game for the matured

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