Subdivision Infinity DX – How shooting in space becomes the new trend

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Prepare your space gear and step into the cockpit of an intergalactic fighter by playing Subdivision Infinity DX. As Mistfly Game’s latest release, it’s an arcade space shooting game that features stunning graphics and exciting spaceship gameplay that will leave you amazed.
Despite being recently released, the game already attracts thousands of new fans as well as returning ones that have been anticipating this arcade space-shooter game. In Subdivision Infinity DX, you will hunt down enemy ships, mine for asteroids and upgrade your ship to become the strongest battleship of the galaxy!


Subdivision Infinity DX

You are a ranger in this game who also goes by code name Rebel-1. Sent out into space to check out a distress signal from the center, you definitely do not know what’s coming your way.

Upon arrival at the destination, you get greeted by some not-so-friendly pirate ships. Not even minutes in the game and you’re already face-to-face with your first space battle against these enemies. When you’re able to make contact with the control center, you’ve learned that an unknown presence has hacked it. As a result, another cargo ship departed “off schedule,” and you’re once again sent out to investigate.

As it turned out, there has been a major security breach, and a new band of space pirates is gaining control of other stations across the galaxy. Your mission, Rebel-1, is to travel to different sectors and stop the enemies from taking control of our galaxy.


Subdivision Infinity DX features a tight space combat gameplay. Any sector of the galaxy that you travel to, you’ll always run into enemy ships. They’ll try to take you out with everything at their disposal including energy blaster, ray guns, laser guns, and even rockets!


Dodge your enemy’s attacks with sick ariel moves and give them a run for their life with your arsenal of powerful weapons. How you choose to take down ships is up to you.


You can either equip powerful blasters and charge upfront. Or, if you’d prefer to keep some distance, you can always equip long-range laser blaster and destroy ships from afar.

Extraordinary matches

Space combat is enjoyable. Not only you can choose how you want to approach battles. The detailed visual effects only make them so much better. When traveling at high speed, the edge of your cockpit becomes blurry, giving you the feeling of traveling at lightning speed!
Subdivision Infinity DX also has realistic battle damages that appear in the form of bright spark when shooting at other enemies. Ships flying at high speed will leave traces of neon light.


And on top of it all, there are explosions. It has never been more satisfying to destroy things than in Subdivision Infinity DX. Ships that get destroyed explode like fireworks!


Before goes off like a giant bomb, enemy ships with lower in health and then burn into flames. Once you give them the final blow, they explode into pieces, leaving a huge explosion in the open air.

Nothing is as exciting as seeing cruise ships slowly explode, part by part until there is only small debris of what used to be a galactic warship. Flying at high speed and blowing up enemies to smithereens in Subdivision Infinity DX could be as satisfying as watching a space battle in a sci-fi action movie!


Action effects

Aside from strong combat mechanics, Subdivision Infinity DX also features exploration and mining side activities. Traveling across galaxies surely will lead you to some very exotic locations. Each sector features different and beautiful designs. Along the journey, you’ll come across thousands of planets that make your ship look minuscule.


The landscape of the game is very realistic, including a lot of giant rocks floating around in the galaxy. To some people, they are just useless, inanimate objects drifting endlessly in the sky. For others, they are great opportunities for rare mining materials.

Levels system

In this game, aside from fighting and exploring, you can smartly invest a good amount of time mining for resources to upgrade your ship. You can also sell rare materials to stations for extra money. You can then use credits to buy upgrades for your ship. However, not every weapon can be obtained easily at the shops. Some will be required you obtain blueprints and search for parts.


The crafting system encourages the players to spend more time to explore the world of Subdivision Infinity DX. While searching for rare materials, you will also encounter different enemies and face boss fights!


In each region, there is a boss that is just waiting for you to clear out his goons and face him. You will have to equip yourself with the best weapons possible before facing the boss. Shops usually provide good upgrades for normal types of enemies.


However, when it comes to bosses, you will have to explore even more to find relics and craft weapons of destruction that are strong enough to kill it. After equipping yourself with the strongest blasters and the thickest armor shield, you will be ready to fight in boss battles and claim the massive rewards!


Overall, Subdivision Infinity DX is an entertaining and thrilling arcade space shooting game that includes many side missions. As an excellent callback to the space shoot-em-up genre of the 90s, the game adds onto that with an interesting space exploration feature that encourages players to look for materials and relics in order to strengthen their ship.

Originally for the mobile platform, Subdivision Infinity DX is finally available for PC, and players can’t deny how it looks spot-on with the updated high-resolution graphics. Only costing about $16 on Steam, it’s a well-done game for a casual space combat-exploration gaming session that you’ll surely enjoy.

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