Under – You should not go alone on this ship

Under is a horror game built from a first-person perspective. Just like the purpose of all games of this type, the horror element is the core of Under. Do you think you have a brave heart, a steel nerve to calm down in every situation? Is not! Don’t bring that confidence into Under.

Official poster of Under

The game’s scene is built in a narrow range of an ocean-going ship in 1917. There you will be a soldier of World War I. The journey would probably be peaceful if he didn’t wake up and that mysterious guest didn’t appear.

Skillfully choosing their products for the first time, the publisher Globiss

Interactive has truly conveyed the spirit of the horror game genre.

Every detail from the flashing light bulb, the waiters’ wheelchairs moved to the unexpected appearance of the mysterious companion were surprisingly and honestly unbelievable.

This article will provide you with basic information for you to decide whether to spend money to pick up this game.


The game starts in a surprising way. Do not start gently or lead from familiar scenes, appearing before the eyes of the player in the first seconds is the number 1917. And when the main character opens his eyes, it is also when the nightmare begins. The player will play as a soldier from World War I, Alexander Dockter, on an ocean-going ship.

Our playing space will be packed in the dark narrow corridors of a passenger ship. The first abnormality of Under which players easily recognize is that only Alexander Dockter is the only passenger. The majority of the rooms have been locked so only a few of the rooms are not locked for players to find clues or find out, but who were the passengers and where they went.

What is more remarkable is that the ship has been invaded by some supernatural force.

For a soldier who has gone through the battle, this is a rare thing. The player’s mission is to find a way out of the ship with Alexander Dockter. What does that entity want? That will be answered when you experience the game.

Is there someone on the ship?

The game has a gameplay style that doesn’t require too much skill when you simply keep yourself calm to move on the ship.


Classic Horror

The starting point is a heavy horror game, Under keeps the highlights of this series. The features are only available in this genre such as mysterious knocking doors, flashing light bulbs or jumpscares of modern horror enough to make the most instructed instructors stand to heart.

In particular, Under is successfully mixing the waves of waves which is also a factor that challenges the player’s ability to concentrate.

Dark corridors will become an obsession for you

The fight against drowning

Not only beating on the train, waves from the vast ocean are also ready to swallow Alexander Dockter. You don’t want to sink? So, hurry up. Because the clock is counting down. The pressure of time factor also really worries players.

Charismatic story

As a promise from Globiss Interactive, the game is not simply a fight against the supernatural forces. Under will bring you life before, during and after the world war that Alexander Dockter is representative.

Release information and Request for play equipment system

Under will be released by Globiss Interactive at an unspecified time in the last 3 months of 2019.

The demo version of Under was also released by Globiss Interactive as a challenge from the manufacturer for the bravery of players.

It is unclear whether Microsoft platform Under will be released on any platform that Globiss Interactive has recommended gamers to play, the bridge device meets some requirements to be able to experience Under in the best conditions.

● OS: Windows 7
● Processor: Intel Core i3
● Memory: 4 GB RAM
● Graphics: GTX 660, R9 270
● DirectX: Version 11
● Storage: 2 GB of free space
● Sound card: Compatible with DirectX


Under is really a game for fans of horror games to wait. The moments of suffocating chilling, full of horror promises to make you unable to take your eyes off.
And if you can’t wait, come immediately to the trial version to experience and give feedback to the publisher.

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Under – You should not go alone on this ship

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